What is migraine botox, are there side effects? Who can get it done? Curious questions about migraine botox

One of the treatment options for chronic migraine pain is Botox treatment… So what is Migraine botox, are there side effects? Who can get it done? Those who are curious about migraine botox are Dr. Dr. Medipol University Sefakoy Hospital Department of Neurology. Inst. Member Nicer Korkut told the knife.


What is migraine botox? What advantages?


The efficacy of onabotulinum toxin in migraine, known as Migraine Botox among the public, has been proven by scientific studies and has a place in headache treatment guidelines in the FDA ( American Food and Drug Administration ) in 2010 it is a form of treatment that he approves.


Chronic migraine; at least 3 days in the last 15 months and at least 8 of these are migraine headache.


Chronic migraine is around 23% in Turkey and the inability to control pain in the work and social life of the person and the depression that may occur with it, brings significant restrictions due to anxiety disorder as well as significant burden to the economy of the country due to labor loss.


In addition to avoiding the causes that can be a trigger for chronic migraine patients, we also recommend preventive medication treatments taken by mouth . Botulinum toxin application can be safely applied to our patients who do not respond to these treatments or who cannot use the drug groups for different reasons.


The mechanism of action of botulinum toxin in migraine is thought to reduce the release of neurotransmitters responsible for pain in migraine from nerve endings at points of application.


How long does migraine botox last? How often should it be repeated?


Take ( to the head and neck region, middle of eyebrow,tin,back area of the head and neck ) 31 point of fixed doses is required. Additional doses may also be used if necessary.


With repeated applications every 3-4 months, the frequency and severity of attacks can be reduced significantly. After pain control is provided, the frequency of application is decided according to the patient’s condition.


Who can be migraine botox applied to? Who does not apply to?


Migraine botox can be applied to anyone except pregnant women and people who are breastfeeding.


Is migraine botox a painful procedure? Do I need to stay in the hospital?


Migraine botox is a procedure that does not require hospitalization for about 10 minutes. Since the procedure is performed with fine-tipped needles, the pain felt by the patients is very small. After the application, people can return to their daily life immediately.


Is migraine botox a safe method, are there side effects?


Migraine botox is a reliable application when administered by an experienced neurologist or pain specialists, except for mild side effects such as redness and swelling in the area of the procedure.


It can be at the right points made by people who have no experience in the application and the treatment is ineffective when it is not applied properly or when the missing dose is applied.


In addition, in incorrect applications, side effects such as low eyebrow and weakness in the neck muscles can be seen in the form of muscle weakness.





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