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What is Hyarulonic Acid? What Does Hyarulonic Acid Do?

We are in the days when we fully understand what a great blessing it is to be healthy. Due to the corona virus pandemic, we are going through a process where we are at home and think about our health much more than usual. On the one hand, while masking and social distance, which are the ways of protection from the corona virus epidemic, are a part of our lives, on the other hand, we strengthen our immune system We are doing our best to strengthen and make our body strong against all kinds of viruses. When it comes to health, we learn something new every day. While the world is changing and technology is developing, our bodies keep up with this change inevitably. Our skin, in particular, is changing a little more every day. The miracles produced in our body can decrease with the effect of years and indirectly compel us to take additional supplements from the outside. With the cold winter months approaching, it is doubly important to take the necessary care of our skin. When it comes to skin health, we will talk about a type of acid that we have heard frequently recently; hyaluronic acid. Today, when we look at the content of the creams offered to the market, hyarulonic acid is a substance that we frequently encounter and makes a name for itself in terms of brand promise.


What is hyaluronic acid, briefly…


First, let’s briefly define what hyaluronic acid means… Hyarulonic acid is one of the popular trends in skin care. It occurs naturally in our body in the connective tissue, joints and skin. Hyarulonic acid, which can hold 1000 times its own weight in water, moisturizes the skin and provides flexibility. Hyarulonic acid is a naturally occurring component in our body. This ingredient keeps our skin moisturized and soft. Hyarulonic acid is abundant in our eyes and hair strands as well as our joints. However, with advancing age, hyaluronic acid production may decrease. When there is not enough hyarulonic acid production in the body, some skin problems occur. This is where external reinforcements come into play.

What are the benefits of hyaluronic acid?


Hyarulonic acid is one of the essential ingredients for the skin. These substances help delay the effects of aging and moisturize the skin deeply. It makes the skin more flexible when used regularly. It revitalizes the skin and helps it maintain its naturalness. Hyarulonic acid is also an anti-acne. While ensuring the disappearance of acne scars, it also prevents the formation of new acne. In this way, the skin appears clearer, smoother and supple. It also has a feature that protects the skin against external factors. It is a powerful antioxidant, thus protecting the skin against external factors. Hyarulonic acid is also an antibacterial agent. The word anti-bacterial has been in the middle of our lives lately.

How to use hyaluronic acid?


You can take hyaluronic acid externally with creams containing hyaluronic acid. Most skin care products in cream and serum form contain the ingredient hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid creams used in skin care can be used daily. In this way, there will be a visible change in your skin. Hyarulonic acid serums, on the other hand, can be applied mostly during periods when the skin loses moisture, for example, during seasonal transitions. Especially in the spring months, creams with hyaluronic acid may not be enough for your skin, in this case, it may be more effective to use creams in serum form.


Although creams containing hyaluronic acid make the skin healthier, allergic reactions can also be seen in some cases. There is no such thing as a skin cream that is good for everyone, because everyone’s skin type is unique. For this reason, be sure to read the contents of trendy creams before using them, and moreover, do not use them without the approval of your doctor. Your doctor will tell you what your skin needs and what cream you should use. Cosmetic or medical products that you will buy by consulting your doctor, not by heart, will be one of the greatest favors you will do for your skin.







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