What is hemoglobin deficiency?

Hemoglobin is a protein that contains iron and is carried by red blood cells.

And due to the connection between the two, iron deficiency may cause a deficiency in hemoglobin in the blood.

Hemoglobin mainly works to carry oxygen from the lungs and transfer it to the rest of the body, and it also works to return carbon dioxide from different parts of the body to the lungs. As a result, hemoglobin deficiency can cause many different phenomena and symptoms that vary in degree from severe to mild, and usually begin with general exhaustion and fatigue in the body, and it may reach difficulty in breathing.

Most people are aware of the relationship between iron deficiency and hemoglobin deficiency in the blood, and they also know “anemia” as a state of hemoglobin deficiency in the body. Here we had to know that a decrease in hemoglobin levels in the blood does not represent the reality of the problem, but rather a symptom indicating the existence of another problem, and we must undergo an examination to determine the problem, and we point out here that there are a number of cases in which a rise in hemoglobin levels is diagnosed in an way that exceeds the usual Especially for those who smoke a lot.

When should the examination be done?

Most often, hemoglobin is examined within the routine examination known to us as the “comprehensive blood test”, and this examination is performed for all patients who suffer from excessive fatigue, stress and a sense of humor, where a blood sample is taken for examination, and a hemoglobin examination may be performed for individuals Those who have previously been exposed to problems due to their blood circulation, with the aim of following up on these cases and observing the nature of the development of the disease that occurred in their bodies or its recovery. This applies to those who have previously suffered from anemia or who have been found to have an excess level of hemoglobin in the blood. This test does not require specific conditions, but in most cases it is performed along with other tests, such as checking the percentage of lipids in the blood. In such cases, the person needs to fast before that.

What are the groups most at risk?

Unbalanced diets that do not contain the required amount of iron are considered a major cause of low hemoglobin in the blood. As for smokers, who were previously mentioned, they will most likely suffer from an excess of hemoglobin in their blood. It is also noted that the percentage of iron is low in pregnant women and for this reason. They are advised to take vitamins that contain iron, and the body is supplied with it through vitamins. The same applies to those who live in highlands, due to the low amount of auxin in the air at high altitudes, where the body works to compensate for the deficiency by making a larger amount of hemoglobin than previously, which helps to carry the largest amount. possible oxygen.

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