What is argan oil, its benefits and uses


You may hear a lot about argan oil but you do not know what argan oil is from where it is extracted and what are the benefits of argan oil health and what are its uses as well, so we will answer through this article all the questions that go through your mind about argan oil and its many uses and health benefits

Argan oil

First: what is argan oil

The argan oil is in fact called “liquid gold” and is a rare oil that is extracted from a type of tree called argan tree, a very rare type and exists on the plain of the Moroccan mite and this tree perennial lives for two hundred years and multiple uses of this oil whether for cooking or for therapeutic and cosmetic properties also the most important components of argan oil is it’s called tocopherol.

Secondly: types of argan oil

There are two types of argan oil first special cooking is in abundance in Morocco and the second type of roaming

The first type: it is used in the preparation of food and its color is dark brown and it is also strong taste and is useful health in that it works to reduce LDL cholesterol in the blood and protects against heart disease and also protects against cancer

Type II: this type is golden yellow and is used for cosmetic purposes for skin, skin and hair as well

Third: the most important benefits and uses of argan oil:

1. argan oil moisturizes the skin:

The most common use of argan oil is its use as a moisturizer and softener for the skin and skin and this is due to the high content of essential fatty acids and vitamin E where it is easily absorbed into the skin, which makes it a wonderful natural moisturizer, also can be used with all parts of the body including the face and

2-argan oil works as a conditioner for hair ”

Argan Oil has also been proven to be a wonderful natural material to increase the smoothness and softness of the hair and make it become silky and soft as argan oil also helps to treat hair breakage and treatment of curly hair and the way to use argan oil for hair is a very easy way too where you can either

3 – argan oil works to increase the beauty and shine of the hair

Because argan oil as we indicated earlier helps to increase the shine, smoothness, softness and silky hair, it is a very important factor when you put it on the hair before the work of hairstyles and different hair form as it makes hair smooth and easier to use and this is indicated by hairdressers and cosmetic experts so before you do the hairstyle


4. argan oil is anti-impotence and the appearance of wrinkles

The benefits of argan oil for the skin and skin do not stop on being a natural moisturizer for the skin only but also extends to it helps to appear skin youthful and hides wrinkles and prevents their appearance also this is due to the contain argan oil on some effective antioxidants that attack free radicals in the body and thus increase the health of the

5 – one of the benefits of argan oil it treats dry skin and eczema effectively

People who suffer from dry skin and some other skin diseases such as eczema have to use argan oil to treat dehydration and eczema as the argan oil contains some essential fatty acids and vitamin E in the active part of it tocopherol help repair skin damage and supply the skin with nutrients that prevent further irritation and dryness of the skin where it also

6. the use of argan oil in acne is considered very effective.

While a large number of moisturizing oils and creams may lead to the appearance of acne, argan oil works as a moisturizer and as a remedy for acne at the same time, as acne often affects oily skin and argan oil works to achieve the oily balance in the skin by providing natural moisture to it where Argan Oil also contains antioxidants in addition to

7-follow the use of argan oil to protect and heal from diseases

Argan oil, due to its high content of antioxidants, helps to heal damaged and burned skin, especially sunburn, helps to prevent sunburn caused by harmful ultraviolet rays and helps to increase the speed of healing various skin diseases

8 – argan oil treats stretch marks

The stretch marks that occur in the body is an issue that concerns all pregnant women, but argan oil is a good treatment for stretch marks and sagging that occur to pregnant women after birth as argan oil helps to increase the elasticity of the skin due to its high content of vitamin E and therefore the body paint especially the abdominal area, breast, buttocks and thighs

9-argan oil is useful for feet, hands and nails

Argan oil is also a great remedy for cracked feet, palms and brittle and weak nails and helps to get feet and hands soft and not dry or cracked as well as helps to get strong and healthy nails also without cracking or weakness and break so you should paint the feet, hands and nails every day before bedtime with argan oil

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