What Happens to Your Body if You Eat Onions Every Day?

This vegetable is known to support heart, bone and gut health. But the benefits of onion are not limited to these! In this list, we searched for the answer to the question of what changes will happen to your body if you eat onions every day. Without forgetting, let us remind you that we have prepared our list for informational purposes. If your stomach is sensitive or you have any discomfort, we recommend that you consult a doctor before applying the information on the list. Here is the answer to the question of what happens if you eat onions every day…


1. It can improve your mood


Onions are rich in vitamin B9. This vitamin breaks down an amino acid called homocysteine, which helps prevent symptoms of depression and improves your mood. Simply put, the amino acid homocysteine does not allow the body to produce hormones that make you feel good. Onions break down this amino acid and allow hormone production to continue in a healthy way.


2. Chewing onions can prevent tooth decay


Onions are also very effective for oral health. Chewing this vegetable raw will help strengthen your teeth and fight the bacteria in your mouth.


3. It can prevent colds and flu


According to health expert Luke Coutinho, including onion in the diet; it can prevent colds, coughs, fever and sore throat. For this, cut the onion into pieces, leave it in drinking water for 6-8 hours. Drink this water 3 times a day, 3-4 tablespoons.


4. Helps to open the sinuses


Did you know that onions can stop nosebleeds? When your nose bleeds, cut an onion in half. Then start to smell the onion. Onions have bioflavonoids that will help reduce bleeding in the nose. Another positive benefit of onion is that it is good for nasal congestion. Onion softens the nasal ducts and mucosa, making it easier for you to breathe.


5. It can improve ear pain


Our ears are one of the most sensitive organs in the body. You may experience ear pain for many reasons, such as loud noise, airplane travel. Ear drops are recommended to reduce these pains. But if you are looking for a natural remedy, onions can help. First cook the onion in water until it is soft. Then place the onion on a cloth. Finally, keep this cloth in your ear for a while. It is useful to try!

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