Vitamin C Face Mask for Wrinkles  

Vitamin C Face Mask for Wrinkles






1 Vitamin C Capsule


1 Egg


1 Teaspoon of Lemon Juice


1 Teaspoon of Olive Oil


Preparation and application:


Break the egg and separate the yolk from the white. Egg white will be used in the mask. You can put the egg yolk aside.


Place the egg white in a clean bowl, add the other ingredients and mix.


Apply the mixture to your wrinkled areas by massaging it with your fingertips.


Wait 25 minutes.


Wash with plenty of cold water.


Dry with a towel.




Apply the mask every two-three days.


With this mask, you prevent the formation of wrinkles by delaying the signs of aging by increasing collagen production and skin elasticity.


Do not move your muscles too much after applying the mask to your face.


Do not forget to apply a moisturizer after the mask.

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