What Causes Vaginal Smell? 5 Things You Can Do at Home to Prevent Smell

Each vagina has its own smell. It is very natural for genital areas to smell a certain way, but if you smell a different smell than normal, it is because of hygiene methods, personal care products, etc, while it can be a simple condition, such as the type of underwear you use or your diet, it can also be bacterial, such as a urinary tract infection. So it may be good to pay attention to the smell coming from your vagina.


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What is vaginal odor?


Vaginal odor is a slight odor coming from the genital area. This odor produced by vaginal secretions is normal and usually mild. Smells from bacterial causes, such as infections, are usually uncomfortable and abnormal. But not all smells are bad. Causes such as your menstrual cycle and pregnancy can also cause different odors in the vagina.


Is the vaginal odor natural?

Yes! Your vagina may not smell anything, but if it smells, it doesn’t have to be beautiful! Many places on your body, such as the scalp, belly button, armpits, have their own unique smell. On some social media platforms, such as Tiktok, you may find that some applications are made for the vagina to smell like fruit or flowers, but this is certainly not true.


For example, the world famous pleasure products company Early to Bed, owned and sex educator Sarah Deysach “No matter what the culture tells us, the vagina doesn’t have to smell like a flower.” says. On the other hand Dr. Felice Gersh says that vaginas commonly smell copper, musk, or fleshy.


What causes vaginal odor?


Natural fluids secreted by the vagina cause vaginal odor. This is completely normal! However, if you feel the vaginal odor stronger, these may be the reason:



Poor hygiene

habits Diet

Hormone changes

Bacterial vaginosis

Trichomonas Infection


In rare cases, the cause of unpleasant odors can also be:


Cervical cancer Vaginal cancer Rectovaginal fistula

They can be made at home for vaginal odor


If your vagina smells a little worse than normal and your body has no other symptoms, you can handle it at home. But if the smell is heavy and persistent, it is best to contact a specialist.


1. Take a shower regularly


The bad smell can only mean that you need to take a shower! Gersh, “Vajinal region can accumulate sweat, dead skin and dirt.” says. Developing a regular hygiene routine can prevent bad vaginal odors. You can use your finger to move the “Y water around the vulva.”


2. Do not wash the inside of your vagina!


You can easily wash the outside of your vagina with (vulva), but you should definitely not change water and soap in it. Gersh, “Vagina is a self-cleaning machine.” says. The natural nature of the bacteria inside the “Vajinal canal is designed to keep the channel healthy and clean, and you do not need to do anything to make these bacteria work properly.” Washing the vaginal canal is quite dangerous as it can upset the pH balance.


3. Check out the products you last used


Have you recently changed your shower gel, detergent or toilet paper? According to Gersharde, all of this can negatively affect your vagina. The vaginal area is quite sensitive and may have an allergic reaction to certain products. If you have recently changed the products you use or the brand of underwear you wear, this may be the cause of the bad smell.


4. For water


We all know how helpful it is to drink plenty of water. It is very important to drink enough water, especially for healthy body tissues. Deysach once again highlights the benefits of water for healthy sweating and fluid production.


5. Eat balanced nutrition


Here is another substance that we constantly face. For every part of our body to function properly, a balanced diet is as important as drinking water. Fatty foods can cause bad smells to appear in your vagina. Deysach “Foods with very strong odors, such as as as asparagus, garlic, onions, can affect the smell of the vagina.” says.


Apply a pouch


You should definitely not use a pouch when washing your vagina. While the sacs kill the bad bacteria in the vagina, they also eliminate the good bacteria necessary for the natural environment of the genital area.


2. Foods


You should never put foods like cottage cheese, yogurt, garlic in your vaginal canal! Unfortunately, there are those who do.


3. Fragrant hygiene products


There are a lot of perfumed pads and toilet paper products on the market. These can damage the natural balance of the vagina. Choose products that are as odorless as possible.

When should you consult a doctor about vaginal odor?


If you are concerned about the smell, it is best to talk to your health care provider. It may be good to contact your doctor, especially if one of the following conditions fits you:


You have recently had a sexual relationship with a new partnerIf you have symptoms in your vagina, such as pain, irritation, burning, or a discharge that is different from normalIf you are pregnant or want to get pregnant


Although the cause of vaginal odor is not an infection, your doctor can help you.


How to prevent vaginal odor?


Even if you don’t suffer from vaginal odor right now, there are certain things you can do right now to prevent problems that may happen in the future.


1. Recognize your natural vaginal odor

If you don’t know what your normal smell is, you won’t be able to tell when it’s abnormal. So you need to recognize the normal smell of your vagina. The most common sign that there is a problem with your “Vagina is a change in smell.”, explains Gersh.


2. Prefer cotton underwear


Cotton is better than other materials for your body to breathe. It also prevents infections because it does not hold excess moisture.


3. Avoid tight clothes

Gersh, “Any tight garment can hold moisture in the groin area.” says. As we mentioned above, too much moisture can cause bad odors and infections.


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