What Are the Symptoms of Zinc Deficiency?

Let’s take a closer look at the vitamin zinc, which is one of the cornerstones of a healthy body. In case of zinc deficiency, your body may start to alarm. By following the signals your body gives, you can balance the zinc deficiency and start to feel healthy again. 

What causes zinc deficiency? We share with you which foods contain zinc vitamin and the benefits of zinc. In case of zinc deficiency, you should learn about the nutrients you should include in your diet and promise to take good care of your body. 

What is zinc deficiency?

What is zinc deficiency?
Before zinc deficiency,  ‘what is zinc?’ Let’s answer the question. Zinc is a very important vitamin that is found in 2-3 grams in the healthy human body and is useful for cell division! Recently, it is known that chocolate is also good for the immune system. Zinc in the muscles, liver, kidneys and eyes ensures the healthy functioning of the body and helps to balance hormones. So, what is zinc deficiency?

When there is not enough zinc in the body, our body starts to alarm. In case of zinc deficiency, symptoms such as hair loss and dulling of hair can be seen. Excessive consumption of zinc is also not very healthy for the body! By consuming foods containing zinc, you can balance the body’s immune system and achieve the ideal zinc balance. Let us remind you that you should definitely consult a doctor on this matter.

What are the symptoms of zinc deficiency?

What are the symptoms of zinc deficiency?
We recommend that you have a blood test to detect zinc deficiency. Because zinc deficiency can only be detected in a blood test. In people with zinc deficiency:

  • Anorexia
  • growth retardation
  • slowdown in the immune system
  • Hair loss
  • Hair dullness
  • Dullness of the skin, pale appearance and lifelessness are some of the symptoms of zinc deficiency.
  • Unexplained weight loss
  • spiritual changes
  • skin-colored jaundice

If you think you have a zinc deficiency, you should definitely consult a doctor and have a blood test. Because the symptoms of zinc deficiency may not always be related to zinc. 

How is zinc deficiency treated?

How is zinc deficiency treated?
After you’ve been diagnosed with a zinc deficiency, you may need to slightly change your diet after first considering your doctor’s recommendations. You should include foods rich in zinc in your diet.  Red meat, white meat and fish are the leading foods rich in zinc . Meat varieties are rich in zinc. Apart from these, zinc is also found in milk, cheese, yogurt, quinoa, oats, eggs, lentils and kidney beans. 

Zinc supplement vitamins can also be taken in zinc deficiency. However, we do not recommend taking zinc supplements before a zinc deficiency has been diagnosed. Uncontrolled use of vitamins can also negatively affect the immune system. How many zinc vitamins to use per day may vary in men and women. It would be much healthier to take vitamin supplements for the person’s blood values ​​and the amount of zinc in his body.

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