How is Injection Filling Made? What is the Effect on the Skin?


We have brought together what you need to know about the injection filler process , which is one of the most popular medical aesthetic applications of recent times !

We may resort to medical procedures from time to time to make our skin look younger, tighter and fuller. At the beginning of these are the filling procedures performed by injection. So what is injection filler and how is it done? We’ve brought together what you need to know about the filling process!

What is injection filler?

What is injection filler?
Injection filling is a preferred procedure to remove wrinkles, elasticity, firmness and loss of fullness in the skin. Filling procedures are frequently preferred not only against signs of aging, but also to make small touches to some areas of the face. The filling process is the injection of hyaluronic acid to certain areas 

What does filler injection do?

Filler injection means applying plumping ingredients to the skin with only external intervention without the need for surgery. In this way, the appearance of deep wrinkles can be removed, the skin can look much fuller and tighter.

Where is the injection filler applied?

Where is the injection filler applied?
Filling injection can be applied to many points on the face where it is needed. Of course, it is extremely important to see a dermatologist or plastic surgeon who is an expert in this field before having this done. We can list the areas where the injection filling process is performed as follows:

  • Lip filler
  • chin filler
  • under eye filler
  • Nasolabial lines (lines around the nose and mouth)
  • cheekbone filler
  • nose filler
  • upper lip lines

How long does the effect of the filling process last?

How long does the effect of the filling process last?
The effect of the injection filling process on the face can last between 6 months and 24 months . Although this time varies depending on the type and density of the filler applied to the skin, the fillers begin to lose their effectiveness over time. This shows that it requires regular injection fillers for the desired appearance.

Filling application price?

The price of injection filling processes varies according to the content, region and amount to be applied. Therefore, in order to learn the filling price, it is necessary to talk to the doctor and determine the treatment to be performed.

Are there any harms and side effects of injection filler?

Are there any harms and side effects of injection filler?
While the filling process has benefits in terms of appearance, it can also have various harms. We can list the damages of the filling process as follows:

  • Although rare, the skin may show an allergic reaction to the applied substance.
  • After the injection, temporary swelling, redness and irritation may occur on the skin.
  • When it is not applied by expert estheticians, undesirable appearances may occur, and even situations that will risk health may be encountered.
  • We should say that it can be harmful to the butt as it needs to be repeated frequently.

Is it possible to plump the skin without injection filler?

Although all these medical aesthetic procedures and filling procedures give very successful results, there are also those who are distant from these procedures, both in terms of budget and fear of needles. Well, let’s come to the main question: Is it possible to plump the skin without the injection filling process? Answer: Yes! It is possible to achieve a fuller appearance with products containing hyaluronic acid that  we can add to our anti-aging care routine .

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