What are the most popular plastic surgeries today


Plastic surgery has always been the preserve of stars and public figures. But now with the availability of the financial ability, any housewife or ordinary employee is able to enter the plastic surgeon’s clinic and give him a list of what she would like to change in her face or body. With the increasing demand for plastic surgeries, we chose the most important 4 operations for you.


1- Breast augmentation and reduction surgery


One of the most common plastic surgeries in the Arab world is breast augmentation, whether it is breast augmentation or breast reduction. In these two operations, the woman is subjected to general anesthesia. In the process of  breast augmentation, the breast  size is increased by implants, and this is done by making a cut or incision depending on the size and shape of the breast. As for the process of breast reduction, it is done by reducing the weight and size of the woman’s breasts by moving the nipples from their location to the new place while they are still connected to the blood supply, then the skin and excess breast tissue are removed and reshaped in order to create smaller and higher breasts, but there Some harmful side effects, including the inability of the woman to  breastfeed,  with some small scars on the breasts.


2- Rhinoplasty surgery


As for rhinoplasty, it is one of the most common plastic surgeries among women and is subject to many procedures. It is also one of the most successful plastic surgeries with effective results, and rhinoplasty surgery aims to reshape the nose by reducing or increasing the size of the nose, or changing the width of the nose, or Beautifying the heights or depressions of the nose, or even increasing the symmetry of the nose, where the surgeon breaks the nasal bone and repositions it, or reshapes the cartilage, in order to give the woman a soft and delicate look by increasing the harmony and proportion between the nose and the rest of the facial features. There are some cases that resort to rhinoplasty in order to treat some deformities or defects that affect the nose, or due to exposure to some accidents, causing breathing disorders and many aesthetic problems.




3- Sucking grease and tightening the abdomen


Among the plastic surgeries that many women who suffer from the problem of obesity or excessive  weight  undergo are also liposuction surgery and tummy tuck surgery, and the goal of the two operations is to completely get rid of the excess weight and fat accumulated in the abdomen, buttocks and butt areas. This is a tummy tuck operation under the influence of full anesthesia, and the surgeon makes a large incision in the lower part of the abdomen, then separates the skin from the abdominal wall, removes the excess fat and cuts the excess skin, then finishes the process by tightening the remaining skin and working to surround it. While the process of suctioning fat is under the influence of regional anesthesia in the lower body area, it is carried out by inserting a suction tube connected to a specialized vacuum machine into the incision that absorbs the fat and works to remove it, then the surgeon closes the wound after surrounding it.


4- Facial wrinkle tightening surgery


Facelift is also considered one of the most prominent surgical operations in the world of plastic surgery, and it is also the most performed by most women from all over the Arab world, with the aim of getting rid of the features of aging and eliminating the sagging and flabby facial wrinkles that appear in the eye area and around the nose area, by tightening these Wrinkles by some modern medical methods, including Botox injections that reduce the appearance of signs of aging, where the surgeon makes an incision of the hairline in the temple, extending downward in the front and under the ear to the hairline then the skin is pulled back and up before it is stitched Finally, the surgeon closes the wound with some sutures and then bandages it by placing a medical dressing on the wound to protect it from harmful environmental factors.



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