Here are the most popular beauty gifts in the United States

Have you already started shopping for the holiday season? A few days before Black Friday, which marks the start of Christmas shopping in the United States and Canada, a new study carried out by Yves Rocher has looked at the most popular beauty gifts in the land of Uncle Sam. , depending on each state. If make-up products are always a pleasure, it is the perfume boxes that are unanimous at the foot of the tree.




Perfumes and face care, the sure values ​​of New Year’s Eve


They multiply at breakneck speed at certain times of the year, including Christmas and Valentine’s Day, and visibly delight their recipients. Perfume sets rank alongside face creams as the top beauty products to slip under the Christmas tree on December 25.

Allowing you to test several fragrances, or even combine them with other types of cosmetics, the perfume boxes are unanimous in eleven states including Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Mississippi, Nebraska, Tennessee, Texas, and Wisconsin.

On another note, face creams are also proving to be coveted holiday gifts. While anti-aging creams, a source of discord more than recognition, should be avoided, moisturizers seem to delight many Americans as they top the list of most popular beauty gifts in eleven states including Colorado, Nevada and New Mexico.


Make-up: nail polish makes American women happy


Makeup is also very popular at Christmas time. And while eye shadow palettes and lipsticks are often star products, these two must-haves are clearly upstaged by nail polish at this time of year.


They rank number 1 in no less than ten states.


Other states surveyed include lipstick is all the rage in New York, eye shadow palettes are popular in Arizona, Oklahoma and South Dakota, and bath sets seem to delight residents of Arkansas and Kentucky.

Ultimately, Utah and Oregon appear to be the two states most interested in beauty gifts during this frenetic shopping period which extends from Black Friday to Christmas.

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