What are the most famous muscle amplifying hormones and does it have any damage?

What are the most famous muscle amplifying hormones… and are they harmful? Athletes seek to build a healthy body and strong muscles, especially beginners in bodybuilding, and in order to build muscle in the body quickly, people resort to taking some hormones and steroids that accelerate the growth and gain of muscles, but that is next to intense exercise.


What are the most famous muscle amplifying hormones… and are they harmful?


Muscle-amplifying hormones greatly help athletes build their body properly, and enable them to work harder during exercise, and although the human body has a lot of hormones that work to build muscle, there are some additional hormones that are taken to speed up the process of building the body properly. These hormones are chemical compounds that come from natural sources.


Hormones or steroids are indispensable to amplify the muscles of bodybuilders, but they must be taken carefully through consulting a specialist doctor, and there are many types of hormones, including what is taken, and some are injected, such as: Deca, Drive, Aquaboys, Pollinone, Sastanon, and Clin Petrolusov .


Hormones are divided into two main types:


Anabolic : These hormones increase protein in muscle cells, such as growth hormone, insulin, and testosterone .Catabolic : These are hormones that destroy nutrients in the body, including proteins and carbohydrates, and convert them into energy. These hormones include: adrenaline, cortisol, and glucagon.


Types of hormones and steroids that some bodybuilders use


Hormones differ according to the functions of each of them, and they should not be taken unless after consulting a specialist doctor to find out the most appropriate hormone for the health of your body,


There are many types of hormones that we will mention to you in the following, in continuation to the topic of our article. What are the most famous muscle-amplifying hormones?


1- growth hormone


Growth hormone is produced by the pituitary gland, and it is a key factor in building the muscles of the body. This hormone is naturally secreted in the first hours of sleep, and it interacts positively with exercise. This hormone cooperates efficiently with testosterone and insulin.


2- Testosterone


To complete our topic, what are the most famous muscle-enhancing hormones… and are they harmful? Testosterone is one of the most important hormones for men.


It contains masculine properties and plays a key role in amplifying the muscles of the body and burning fat and performs several functions of the body, including:


Increasing and developing masculine traits.Strengthening the masses and muscle cells in the body.Evenly distribute the fat.Building muscle, cutting and amplifying.Increase male sexual desire .

3- Insulin hormone


The pancreas secretes the hormone insulin and works to transfer glucose in the blood from carbohydrates to the muscle cells in the body to provide them with sufficient energy.


It also helps the amino acids in the body to carry out their structural functions for muscle growth, but too much of this hormone causes great damage to the body, as it works to store fat, and increases the chances of developing diabetes


4- cortisol hormone

Within the topic of our article, what are the most famous muscle amplifying hormones? The hormone cortisol is produced by the adrenal gland, and is also secreted through physical and emotional fatigue, so it is called the stress hormone.

5- Adrenaline hormone

It is also called epinephrine, and it is secreted by a large amount of the adrenal gland and some neurons secrete it, but in small proportions.

The hormone adrenaline is secreted in abundance during the body’s response to dangerous situations such as threats or accidents. It also works on:

  • Improve the body’s response faster in critical situations
  • Facilitating the delivery of oxygen to the muscles and the rest of the body, which improves muscle health and builds them properly.
  • Increased blood pressure.
  • Narrowing of the arteries of the body.
  • It stimulates the body to increase sugar levels to raise the rate of energy.
  • It makes breathing easy because it expands the airway.

6- The hormone glucagon

The hormone glucagon is secreted from the pancreas and is very important in metabolic processes  and providing the muscles with the necessary energy.

It is a catabolic hormone, unlike insulin, which is anabolic hormones.

The functions of the hormone glucagon are similar to insulin, except that glucagon works better if the level of glucose in the blood decreases, and its most important functions are:

  • Extension of cells with the necessary energy.
  • Stimulation of the liver to release stored glucose in the form of glycotin.
  • An increase in the level of glucose in the blood, which leads to an increase in the energy level of the body’s muscles.


Hormonal damage to bodybuilding

Despite the many benefits of steroids and hormones to the body, they carry great harm if they are taken without consulting a doctor, and these harms may be more than the benefits, so you must follow up with a specialist doctor to take these hormones, we will mention them to you below as a continuation of the topic of our article What are the most muscle-amplifying hormones Fame



1- inhibition of growth

If hormones are taken to increase energy, problems may occur in the growth of the body, and growth may be delayed, especially in young people before puberty, and height problems may occur, and the height stops at a certain limit.

2- Weight gain

Hormones greatly affect the weight of the body in it, affect the levels of salt and water in the body, which leads to an increase in the percentage of fat, especially in the fat of the face, stomach, and upper back, and there may also be an increase in appetite, which leads to eating additional foods more than the required amount that the body needs .

3- Having diabetes

Increased intake of steroids and hormones than normal may cause an increase in the level of sugar in the blood, which exposes the body to the risk of developing diabetes due to the malregulation of blood sugar levels.

4- behavioral changes

Excessive intake of hormones leads to social and not only physical damage, as it works to cause psychological and nervous disorders that may reach depression and loneliness intolerance and hostility, which greatly affects a person’s social relationships.

5- Cardiovascular effects

One of the most dangerous damage caused by hormones is heart damage, as it works to produce red blood cells in abundance, which makes the heart work harder and the heart may enlarge or the heart muscle may fail, and it also increases the level of harmful cholesterol in the blood, which creates fatty deposits that block Vital arteries from the body, which increases the chances of heart attacks.


6- Liver damage

Most of the medicines pass on the liver to be treated, so the steroids damage the liver directly, which leads to a change in the rate of liver enzymes, and the symptoms are a change in the color of the skin, and the color of the pupils turns yellow, and this is called jaundice, and this may be accompanied by tumors in the liver .

7- Sexual and reproductive disorders

Sexual and reproductive disorders affect both men and women, but with different symptoms. Excess hormones without regularity cause side effects for men that last for a long time.

Such as: low sperm count, enlarged breasts, prostate infection, and infertility.

As for women who take a lot of steroids, they are at high risk of infertility, and the emergence of some masculine traits

Such as: the appearance of hair on the face or an enlarged voice, and she may suffer from irregular menstruation

Hormones and steroids are important for bodybuilders, but they should not be taken without consulting a specialist doctor, in order to determine your health and the ability of your body to bear it in order not to suffer damage.



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