In recent years, natural oils obtained from plants have started to find a place in beauty aisles. Natural oils and natural herbs used in many skin, body and hair care products continue to be popular day by day. Thanks to the use of these oils in many different areas, its calming properties, and its goodness for the skin and hair, we have searched for the details of Vanilla oil, which is one of the most preferred natural oils for its benefits.

What are the Benefits of Vanilla Oil and How to Use it?-2 - Hair Care Beauty

Benefits of vanilla oil

Improves mood: The scent of vanilla oil is said to have mood-enhancing effects. Thanks to this fragrance, it is possible to feel more positive.

It has calming properties: Of course, while it improves your mood, it also has calming properties in the face of feelings such as anxiety and worry.

It has antibacterial properties: Although there are not enough results in this regard, some studies show that vanilla oil has antibacterial properties. (*) This makes this oil a great ingredient for skin care products.

Can remove bad odors: Vanilla scent is also used as a great deodorizer Moreover, since it is natural, it can prevent bad odors in your home by cleaning the air without carrying harmful effects when spread around.

What are the Benefits of Vanilla Oil and How to Use it-4 - Hair Care Beauty

How to use vanilla oil?

You can use vanilla oil in many different areas, in many different ways. Whether you add it to hot water and take advantage of the smell it spreads, you can make it beneficial for your skin and body with topical applications.

Relaxing steam: You can use it with different natural oils for a calming and relaxing blend. For this, it is useful to get yourself a censer. These censers, which are used with candles in the lower part and hot water and oil in the upper part, are very preferred in indoor environments. You can prepare an energizing mix with a few drops of vanilla oil, a few drops of cedarwood and rose oil.

Deodorizing mixture: You can also use vanilla oil with the help of a censer to freshen your home and purify it from the smells of your new cooking. You can mix vanilla with cinnamon and orange oil, which also have cleansing properties.

Peeling: One of the first ways to achieve a soft and bright skin is to clean the pores by exfoliating the skin regularly by exfoliating. Thanks to its properties, you can prepare a vanilla oil peeling for your skin . Instead of applying vanilla oil directly to your skin, use it by mixing it with carrier oils such as olive oil, coconut, almond, jojoba. Do not add more than a few drops and include brown sugar in the recipe for an effective exfoliation.

Nourishing skin oil: You can prepare yourself an oil to soften and nourish dry skin.

  • 3 drops of vanilla essential oil
  • 1 drop of ylang ylang essential oil (do not use more than 1 drop as it has a very strong smell)
  • 2 tablespoons of jojoba oil

Mix all the ingredients and apply several times a week by massaging the cleansed skin.

By adding a vanilla-containing shower gel to your shower routine, you can feel energetic all day with its impressive scent pure Line Vanilla oil and coconut oil brings you the freshness of nature.

Important Note: Although vanilla oil is considered safe for all skin types, let’s say that beauty treatments are personal and will not have the same effect on everyone. Therefore, before using it, always check whether you have allergies with a patch test. For this, apply vanilla oil alone or with the mixture you prepared to the inner area of ​​your arm. Wait up to 24 hours without washing. If you encounter conditions such as itching, redness, tingling during this period, do not apply.