What are the Benefits of Lavender Soap for Face, Skin and Hair?

Lavender is a medicinal plant that we use in health and skin care. Lavender, which is a Mediterranean herb, is loved by many with its pleasant smell and color as spring approaches.


Lavender is a medicinal plant that we use in health and skin care. Lavender, which is a Mediterranean herb, is loved by most people with its pleasant smell and color as spring approaches. Lavender soap made from lavender flowers or lavender oils has many benefits for our skin and health. It has a relaxing effect. It is used in aromatherapy. It calms you down and helps you sleep better. With regular use, it relieves skin disorders and prevents the formation of acne. You can buy lavender soap from herbalists, cosmetic places or internet sites.

What are the Benefits of Lavender Soap?


Lavender soap has antiseptic properties. It treats skin problems.At the end of your busy day, a warm shower and lavender soap duo before going to bed will relieve all your tiredness and increase your sleep quality.It relieves skin disorders with its astringent (tissue astringent), antibacterial and antiviral properties.It treats acne and acne problems with its healing properties.It cleans the skin deeply and gives vitality and freshness.It is very effective in hair care as well as skin benefits. It gives vitality to the hair.Washing lice-infested hair with lavender soap will destroy the nits.Lavender soap treats acne and acne.The floral scent of lavender refreshes the body and gives calmness. Does not show allergic reaction. It can be used comfortably on sensitive skin. Lavender soap regulates the oil rate of oily skin.If you wash the armpit with lavender soap, it removes the smell of sweat and leaves a pleasant smell in its place.You need to use lavender soap regularly. If you use it continuously, you will have a radiant skin by preventing pore clogging.Lavender soap renews the skin and prevents inflammation.Lavender soap helps to heal your skin conditions such as shingles.By using lavender soap, you can prevent skin lubrication.Lavender soap prevents the formation of dandruff in the hair.It is very good for skin rash and skin dryness. Using regular lavender soap while showering eliminates these problems.


How to Use Lavender Soap?


First, wash your face. Lather well with lavender soap before drying your face. Let it sit for 2-3 minutes, then rinse it off. Dry with a paper towel or clean towel. Then you can apply your face moisturizer.


Note: Keep your lavender soap in a dry soap dish and out of the sun.


How to Make Lavender Soap at Home?


Ingredients for Making Lavender Soap:


dried lavender flowers10ml lavender oil120 ml  olive oil30 ml of pure water15 grams of caustic sodamedium saucepanblenderglass bowlWooden spoonmold for soapGogglesGlove


Let’s put the necessary materials for lavender soap on the table.


Pour 15 grams of caustic soda into the glass bowl.


Add 30 ml of distilled water to the soda and mix.


Since there is acid in the mixture you are mixing, it causes a reaction. So let it cool a bit.


Heat the olive oil in a small saucepan until it reaches 40 degrees.


Add the mixture in the glass bowl to the pot with olive oil and mix it with the blender.

After a while, the mixture in the pot will become gel-like.


Add lavender oil and dried lavender flowers and mix with a wooden spoon.


Let’s put a few lavender flowers in the soap mold.


Let’s pour the mixture in the pot into the mold and sprinkle lavender flowers on it again.


After waiting for 24 hours, your lavender soap is ready! I hope you will be satisfied using it.





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