Learn about the Meso-Vet treatment for skin rejuvenation

Removing impurities and dead cells through “Mizo-Vet” is one of the distinguished modern techniques that “Ana Zahra” is keen to keep you informed of.

The Mesophyte line is inspired by the treatment using the meso (injection) method, where the skin is injected with what it needs,

But with Mesovite, women will have healthy, fresh skin without any blemishes without injections.

How does mesophyte treatment work?

These vitamins are inserted into the skin through the “Derma Roller” or the Meso device of the Dr.Back Hair and Skin Care Center.

Which works to create small holes that are not visible to the eye on the skin and then put the product,

Which allows the skin to absorb it and benefit from it by up to 400% in a safe way without exposure to the pain, blueness or even swelling caused by the injection.

What are the advantages of this treatment?

1- This device is painless and does not cause discomfort during the session.

2- Mesophyte is a group of vitamins that perfectly benefit the skin as:

Vitamin A: moisturizes the skin, synthesizes collagen and protects the skin from UV rays.

Vitamin E: Anti-aging and improve micro-circulation.

Vitamin C: helps metabolism and corrects pigmentation.

3- Enjoy clear, flawless skin.

4- Super soft.

5- Velvet skin.

6- Removing fading and fading.

7- Reducing pigmentation and melasma.

Are there any damages to it?

The woman gets an immediate result without the downsides of injections and surgery, that is, without any damages.

How many sessions does a woman need to enjoy fresh skin?

We recommend 4-6 sessions of 60 minutes each, once a week, so that women can enjoy the natural glow and freshness of the skin.


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