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What are the benefits of a vitamin C recipe to lighten the skin?

What are the benefits of a vitamin C recipe to lighten the skin?


Vitamin C is one of the vitamins that can be used for the skin. Vitamin C can be used topically as a serum. The serum stimulates collagen and protects the skin from other harmful factors such as pollution.

The benefits of vitamin C for the skin can be mentioned as follows:


Healing wounds and burns: Studies indicate that vitamin C reduces burns and wounds, as the antioxidants in vitamin C also help treat burn lesions, because it supports the growth of new tissues in the skin, and vitamin C can be added to sunscreen, in order to reduce superficial redness of the skin;

Eczema treatment: Taking a mixture of vitamin C and zinc can help treat the problem of eczema, as taking 500-1000 mg of vitamin C with zinc at a rate of 15 mg helps treat eczema.

Collagen production: Vitamin C is important for the production of Hydroc-C-Proline and Hydroxy-C-olein, which are both necessary to bind the molecules that produce collagen that rejuvenate the skin’s roots and reduce the appearance of wrinkles and signs of aging.

Protecting skin color: Vitamin C protects the DNA from any photochemical reactions that can lead to tumors, change its color and expose it to several types of skin cancer. For younger, smoother skin.

Mixtures of vitamin C for whitening the face Vitamin C for whiteningthe components


A medium sized bottle contains approximately 125 milliliters of Glysolid Cream.

A glass of fresh lemon juice.

Quarter cup of bitter almond oil.

Two tablets of effervescent vitamin C.




How to prepare


Put the glycolide in a bowl, add the almond oil, and mix well.

Vitamin tablets are added to lemon juice, and left until completely dissolved.

Mix the juice with the oil mixture and put the mixture into a clean container and shake well.

The package is placed in the refrigerator, and it is preferable to use it during the first week of making it.

Before applying the mixture, it is preferable to wash the body with warm water, dry it well, then put a clean cotton in the mixture and wipe the dark places to be bleached from the body.

Leave the mixture until the morning, then wash the body again to get rid of the remnants of the mixture, and it is preferable to rub the dark areas well with a rough loofah, then dry the body well, and put a moisturizer or any kind of baby oil.

To get the best and fastest results, the mixture is used daily, provided that the period does not exceed three months so as not to damage the skin.

It is very important to avoid direct exposure to the sun when using the mixture, and to make sure to put sunscreen when you go out



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