Coffee hair mask 3 recipes for all hair types

The caffeine in coffee helps stimulate hair growth and improve its appearance as it is one of the stimulants responsible for increasing blood circulation to hair follicles, and there are several ways to use coffee for hair and benefit from all of its benefits, the most important of which are:


Coffee recipe to exfoliate the scalp


The hair is washed well in the water, then put 1/3 cup of ground coffee on it, and stirred in a circular motion for a full minute, and the hair is washed with water and shampoo well to get rid of the coffee, and then put a conditioner.


Prepare two cups of coffee and leave it to cool, then mix with two tablespoons of raw coffee and two tablespoons of hair conditioner to get a cohesive mixture, then put the mixture on all parts of the hair and spread it evenly using a wide-tooth comb.


Make a hair bun after you put the coffee on the hair well, and leave it on the hair to dry for at least an hour, and then rinse the hair well with water only without using shampoo, and repeat this recipe a few times to get a noticeable result.




Put 7-8 tablespoons of coffee with two cups of hot water in the shower cap and mix them well, and put them on the fire until boiling.


Wash the hair with shampoo and leave the coffee to cool, then put it on the hair and scalp, start rubbing the scalp for a while, cover with a shower cap and leave for 20-30 minutes, and wash the hair with water well.





There are two ways to use coffee for hair, namely:


coffee mask for dry hair


Coffee can be applied to the hair by making a mask using coffee powder, as follows:


the components

2 teaspoons of coffee powder

1 tablespoon of white honey

1 tablespoon of olive oil

How to prepare

Mix all the ingredients together well to get a smooth paste that is easy to spread on the hair.The mask is applied to the hair completely, left for 1/2 hour, then washed in the usual way

coffee lotion for dry hair


Preparing a coffee wash is the second way to use coffee for dry hair, by following these steps:


An appropriate amount of coffee is prepared for the length of the hair, to be more concentrated than usual, and then left to cool.Wash hair well with shampoo, and get rid of excess water on it.Coffee is applied to the hair and distributed over it completely from the roots to the ends, and a spray bottle can be used to make it easier to distribute the coffee lotion on the entire hair.The hair is covered with a special cap, and left for 20-60 minutes, taking care that coffee causes dyeing of some of the tools that are used during the application of the lotion.Wash the hair with warm water immediately after the completion of the application of the lotion.


This lotion will give the hair a dark color, in addition to softness and luster, in addition to its role in promoting hair growth.



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