What are retinoids? Why are retinoids used?

Retinoids; used for acne, blackheads, oily skin, large pores, and nowadays anti-aging (antwrinkle anti-)


Primary effect of retinoids; on the upper papillary dermis, where the collagen content is increased by collagen breakdown inhibition. Topical retinoids, Increases the production of Type I collagen in photoaged skin by 80% and contributes to the removal of wrinkle through epidermal hyperplasia with the tightening of the stratum corneum and thickening of the granular layer. Therefore retinoids; acne, rosacea, etc, black dotlar can be used in many indications, such as closed comedones, skin wrinkles, spots, smooth skin surface.


What are Retinoids? Why Used?


Retinoids Medications derived from vitamin A. Cream forms acne, acne, rosacea, can be used in many indications, such as blackheads, skin wrinkles, spots, smooth skin surface.


As the active substance, isotretinoin is present in cream forms with the name tretinoin, adapalene and tazoretin. Acitretin is a pill form and is used in psoriasis (psoriasis) disease. Isotretinonin capsules (Roaccutane, Zoretanin, Aknetrent, etc.) are preferred in the treatment of acne.


Pill forms “Isotretinonin treatmentit is described in section ”. You can get detailed information about the subject by reading the relevant article.


What Are the Differences Between Retinols and Retinoids?


Retinoids it is a derivative of vitamin A. Because of this, retinol is a variant of retinoid and is produced from vitamin A. Retinol is generally less irritant than retinoic acid and becomes active after rubbing it on the skin. Available in serums and creams.


Highly concentrated retinols are sold by prescription in some cases. The most obvious difference between them is that retinol works harder because of its molecular structure compared to retinoids. Retinoids have a faster effect on the skin. In addition, if your skin is allergic, it can cause redness and dryness in the skin.


In Which Situation Are Retinoids Used?


Cream forms often; acne, blackheads, oily skin, wide pores for and today anti-aging (is used as anti-wrinkle)


What are the benefits of Retinoids?


Retinoids have several benefits on the skin. These;


Glucosaminoglycan triggers the production of (GAG).Epidermal proliferation regulates (cellular division) and keratinization.It has anti-inflammatory effect in the long term.Some forms are used in the treatment of acne with an antibacterial effect.UV-induced Matrix improves aging by modifying Metalloproteinase (MMP).Ensures the regulation of oil secretion.It helps regulate the formation of melanin pigment in the skin.By absorbing UV light through the conjugated side chain they contain, they prevent cell death and DNA damage.Regulates collagen synthesis by acting on fibroblasts in the dermis layer.Can I Buy and Use It Myself from the Pharmacy?


Preparations combined with antibiotics for the treatment of acne are (Isotrexin, erytheretin gel, etc ). However, these drugs can be prescribed by dermatologists. Pure forms of antibiotic-free (Differin gel, Zorante gel, Acnelyse gel) are available from pharmacies without a prescription. However, in serious problems, it is not recommended to use a product for your skin without any doctor’s examination.


What Should I Take Care of When Using Retinoids?


Retinoids in the first weeks it is used, it can cause side effects such as redness, burning, itching.


It should be rubbed in the form of a very thin layer.It should be used at night.During the day, at least 30 SPF sunscreen should be applied. On very hot and sunny days, sunscreen should be renewed every 2 hours.If burning, stinging and peeling are severe, it is recommended to take a break for a few days and use it excessively.The first days should be washed after half an hour, this period should be extended over time and the skin should gain tolerance. After an average of 3 – 4 weeks, the skin gets used to it and these side effects are not seen.Do Retinoids Have Side Effects?


Redness, burning, stinging are the most common side effects. It should not be used in pregnancy!!


When Does the Effect of Retinoids Begin?


The effect usually begins in week 2 – 4 of the treatment. However, achieving the desired effect can find the 2. – 3rd month.


How Long Does the Effect of Retinoids Last?


Retinoids after being released, 2 – retains its effects for another 3 months. However, its apparent effects last for the time it is used. There is no harm in using it for many years. It should not be used in pregnancy.







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