What are foods that accelerate the aging of the body?

Diet is the most important thing that constitutes the nature of the body and public health, as it is the main source of most of the nutrients that the body needs, and according to those elements and their sources, the body is formed and performs various vital processes in all the organs of the body, so any imbalance in the diet harms public health and increases the risk of infection diseases and even accelerates aging and shortens life, and in the next we learn about those foods that cause this.

 Foods that accelerate the aging of the body:

  • White bread, white flour products, baked goods and complex carbohydrates, which are foods that accelerate aging , as they have a high glycemic index, which causes inflammation in the body and accelerates the aging of the body.
  • Sweets of all kinds, especially manufactured sweets, as they contain artificial colors and complex sugars, and it is known that these elements increase the risk of cancer and impair the performance of body systems, thus accelerating aging.
  • Salt and its various derivatives and the foods that are used in its manufacture, it causes fluid retention in the body, increases weight, affects blood circulation and raises blood pressure, which increases the burden on the body’s organs and harms them.
  • Processed meats of all kinds are among the foods that accelerate the aging of the body. They are full of complex trans fats, taste enhancers, sodium, preservatives, and a number of chemical compounds, which are
  • Ready meals are nutritionally poor foods that do not contain fiber, vitamins and minerals, and are full of fats and industrial compounds that damage the immune system and weaken the body’s vital processes, thus accelerating aging.
  • Fried foods of all kinds, as they are a major cause of the elderly as they are high in calories because of the fats and starches in them, and they are one of the most types of foods that harm the body and accelerate its aging, as well as cause memory problems and damage the brain.
  • As for harmful drinks that accelerate aging, they are undoubtedly alcoholic drinks, soft drinks and energy drinks, due to their negative impact on the liver and the digestive system.

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  1. Certain oils can be beneficial. Avoid any seed or vegetable oils. They go through a toxic process and when heated go very toxic. Animal fats are good to use, avocado oil, macadamia oil, MTC (medium triglycerides oil). Olive oil for very low cooking temperatures or on salads. Fermented dairy products that are full cream. Avoid low fat/no fat products because they use sugars or other things to fill the texture. Lower carbohydrates intake to around 50gm a day. Don’t eat a lot of sweet fruits avoid fruit juices on a daily basis. Berries are good. Eat grass fed animal products including meats. Organic is better if you can afford it.

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