What about the harms of thinness?

We often talk about the harmful effects of obesity and weight gain and its impact on human appearance and health, but what about increasing thinness? Thinness has many reasons, the most important of which are:


– Not supplying the body with sufficient energy through food in proportion to the person’s weight and height.

– Increased activity and movement significantly, which leads to burning nutrients.

– The person benefits from food little.

– Cancerous diseases.

– Psychological and emotional pressures.

Thinness may be a result of depression, or a precursor to some diseases that spoil the body’s chemical processes.

– Disorders of the body, thyroid gland, endocrine glands, and diseases of the stomach and intestines play a role in thinness.


Studies have confirmed that using diets with low fat content for fear of obesity may cause an increased risk of heart disease. She attributed this to the fact that low fat in the meal may lead to a decrease in the level of good cholesterol in the blood.



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