Search for the roots of the disease…and its causes.

Search for the roots of the disease…and its causes.



Did you know that the average duration of a doctor’s visit does not exceed 11 minutes? If so, is it possible to reach the real cause of the health problem that the patient is suffering from in this hurry?

Health is the most precious thing a person possesses, and diseases are not recognized unless all their symptoms appear clearly. When we ignore risk factors, prevention arrangements, or accurate diagnosis, we put the patient’s life at risk.

In an unpublished study conducted by the Mayo Clinic, the following results were reached after examining a group of patients:

– 4.9 percent of patients were diagnosed with life-threatening diseases.

– 34.4 percent of patients were determined to have serious pre-existing conditions that were not diagnosed.

– 47.6 percent of patients have risk factors for developing serious conditions.

The question that imposes itself is: Is the solution in periodic examinations, or annual examination? But experts have important notes on these tests:

For example: Colonoscopy and examination may only detect tumors that are more than six millimeters in size. Experts also state that there is no ideal and complete test, and tests may be incorrect, and thus diseases, especially serious ones, may not be diagnosed accurately and completely.

Therefore, experts recommend the necessity of repeating the tests to ensure their validity, not neglecting minor symptoms, and listening to a second opinion in the field of examinations and diagnosis from consultant doctors.

The patient and doctor must always search for the roots of the disease and its underlying causes, not just its apparent symptoms, and rely on understanding the genetic factors and studying the family’s medical history, as well as metabolism, hormonal balance, and above all, studying the stress, tension, and lifestyle that the patient lives. Familiarity with all these factors helps. We must obtain an accurate diagnosis that does not ignore any potential danger and detects cases at their beginning, in order to facilitate the effectiveness of early treatment, especially for deadly diseases, and so that the patient can enjoy his life away from health risks.

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