Ways to care for your hands with natural recipes

Ways to care for your hands with natural recipes from your kitchen have become common, as you can use tomatoes, cucumber, lemon, and milk to moisturize your hands. What you put on your hands in the kitchen is suitable for use whether on the skin or on the hands. It is important that you know the nature of your skin, because for dry skin we prefer milk and natural oils. We prefer lemon, tomatoes, and citrus fruits for oily skin, so we offer you, dear Eve, natural recipes to get rid of dry hands and fight cracks, as follows.




How to care for hands

Olive oil is the first natural source of skin nourishment. Apply olive oil to your hands before bed or for half an hour during the day.

Dry hands can be fought with cucumber juice. Apply cucumber juice to the hands before bed and wash your hands in the morning.

Tomatoes have proven effective in fighting wrinkles. Put tomato juice on your hands and leave them until they dry. Then wash your hands with water.

You can put lemon on your hands for 10 minutes daily to whiten and moisturize your hands. Lemon also works to lighten pores and fight wrinkles.

A proven recipe for hand whitening

A mixture of lemon and milk is a wonderful recipe for whitening hands in a short time.

Ingredients: Bring an appropriate amount of milk with a tablespoon of lemon and a tablespoon of fine white sugar.

Preparation method: Stir the mixture well until you are sure that the sugar has completely dissolved and there is no trace of it.

How to use: Apply this mixture to your hands and massage your hands in a circular motion for half an hour.

Sugar helps exfoliate the skin and remove dead skin cells.

Hand massage helps renew cells and thus fight wrinkles.

How to care for dry hands

Dry hands suffer from the absence of oils, which causes wrinkles to appear afterwards. This is a banana recipe to combat dry hands.

Take a banana and mash it well using a fork, or mash it in a food processor.

Place the mixture in the refrigerator, and every day put an appropriate amount on the hands for 10 minutes.

When the banana dries, wash your hands in cold water.

Bananas are rich in minerals that get rid of wrinkles and keep your hands fresh.

Whitening and moisturizing hands

Taking care of your hands is not difficult if you use rice water. It is known that rice water has many benefits that are used in the hair and skin, but it can be applied to the hands to moisturize as well as to whiten the hands.



First, mix a tablespoon of rice water and rose water together and add a spoon of milk to them. Keep this ingredient in the refrigerator and place it in your hands for an hour or two, then wash your hands with plain water. We have presented to you a way to care for your hands with natural recipes in your home, and if If you have other suggestions or questions, we receive your comments below the article via the MyG4News.visitors website

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