Watermelon peel to treat diseases  

Watermelon peel to treat diseases




Watermelon is one of the fruits rich in vitamins, and it is one of the wonderful summer fruits. It contains 90% water and is considered one of the natural moisturizers that help people withstand the harsh temperatures in the summer. Watermelon has many real benefits for the human body, and what a wonderful, distinctive fresh watermelon juice.


But do we know what benefits are found inside watermelon peel?


I think that many people do not know the true value of watermelon peel and that


There are many great benefits contained within it, which we will show you today


In China, there are many studies conducted on watermelon peel


What we throw away and what are its benefits that we do not know, and the following are the results of those


Studies are those studies that were conducted on approximately 7 million individuals from all Chinese provinces




1-      Watermelon peel is an effective treatment for high blood pressure


2-      Watermelon peel helps protect you from kidney infections


3-      Watermelon peel helps treat urinary retention


4-      Watermelon peel is an effective treatment for constipation


5-      Watermelon peel treats ascites




Doctors advise patients with high blood pressure to do drying


Peel the watermelon first, then take the peel and grind it directly


Until it turns in front of you into a completely ground powder, you can then


Take approximately 25 grams or one tablespoon and add it to the water


Then stir well and leave the mixture of water and ground watermelon peel on the fire


Until it reaches the boiling stage and then the patient with high blood pressure begins to take it


This mixture is boiled once daily for a whole month. The most important thing is that the powder be taken as a treatment for the patient without any interruptions.


For those suffering from kidney infection, the study advises them to bring a watermelon peel, then cut it into completely small pieces, then add it to the water, then add the pieces and water to the fire and leave it until it boils, and it becomes in front of you in the form of dough, and then keep it in a container and close it tightly. It is important that The patient takes one spoonful of it daily before breakfast for a period of not less than three weeks


As for the rest of the diseases that we presented to you, the patient cuts the watermelon peel into small pieces and then adds it to the water, adding a few slices of tomato or egg whites only without the yolks, and begins adding the mixture to the fire, but the mixture must be eaten cold on a daily basis for a period of no less than About 5 weeks


The study shows that scientists have now begun to fully research interest in physical therapy in the coming periods due to its beneficial benefits instead of chemical medicines that are otherwise harmful to human health.

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