Watercress benefits for hair


The benefits of watercress juice for hair are multiple where healthy hair is the first dream in all girls and women, which enhances her sense of beauty and self-confidence but sometimes it is difficult to get that result a bit as women do not have enough time to take care of it, but by following some simple steps and healthy eating habits can


Watercress for hair care

There are some healthy habits that once they are used to repeat once or twice a week in order to improve the health condition of the hair, and in order to care for it healthy shape must first determine the type of hair to identify the elements and materials suitable for it, and the correct way to treat any damage or damage to it, as there is oily or oily hair, 


Leafy vegetables are extremely important because they contain enormous health benefits that are countless and countless, including arugula, a leafy plant rich in minerals and vitamins such as manganese, potassium, calcium, iron and antioxidants, so it contains a large proportion of vitamins A, C, K, folic acid, as well as fiber and low calories, fat, carbohydrates, and its benefit is not only 

Benefits of watercress for hair

Hair problems in those days have become constantly increasing, including weakness, fall and split ends, which makes women resort to the use of expensive chemicals and my daughter, although good results are temporary but the damage comes successively but by resorting to natural and plant materials cheap low cost, including watercress becomes thick and wonderful hair, among those benefits are the following: 

Hair growth: arugula juice stimulates the scalp, which contributes to hair growth because it contains vitamin A, which is the most important nutrients that promote hair growth and nourish it.

Prevent hair loss: a wet scalp helps hair and solutions grow without falling out, and the moisturizing effect of the scalp protects against dandruff.

Treatment of scalp infection: arugula is known to be rich in sulfur and zinc, which helps preserve the scalp and eliminate the possibility of bacterial infection.

Scalp becomes healthy: when watercress is added to food or drink its own juice, it is a powerful blood cleanser and purifier, as well as its ability to keep the scalp clean and healthy.

Watercress for thick hair

Arugula is a family of cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli, cauliflower, and kale, and has been known since ancient times for its huge amounts of important antioxidants such as beta-carotene, zeaxanthin, and lutein, which contribute to the fight against many diseases including cancer and purify the body of toxins.

Includes watercress important benefits for skin as well as scalp where is anti-inflammatory, protecting the skin from dehydration, which results in the appearance of dandruff in the head, as it enhances the vitamin E hair growth by pumping oxygen and stimulate blood circulation which leads to an increase hair density. 

Watercress recipe for thickening hair

Watercress is generally used to beautify hair and there are many recipes from which the following mask can benefit: 


Approximately twenty sheets of olive oil.

Juice of half a large lemon size.

Three tablespoons of olive oil.

A quarter cup of water.

Method of use

First The Watercress is chopped with an electric mixer and then add lemon juice, then olive oil and note the texture if it is too heavy put into it water until the texture is suitable.

The mask is applied to the hair and then the scalp is massaged in circular motions as this mask helps to give the scalp proper nutrition and rid it of dead cells that hinder hair growth.

The mask is left on the hair for at least three hours and then washed off with warm water.

This mask is repeated once a week in order to obtain the desired results in smoothing the hair

Recipe for watercress juice with cucumber

Arugula can be used as a juice, whether that juice is composed of arugula only, but also can be added to it different types of vegetables and herbs, including cucumber, whether it is peeled or peeled, and the following we show the method of preparing the juice of cucumber and arugula:


Two fruits of cucumber.

Amount of watercress the size of a fist.




Method of use

All the above ingredients are mixed together with an electric mixer and then added a little water.

Ice cubes are placed on the juice where it is served cold.

Benefits of arugula with garlic

Garlic works to strengthen the scalp and also contributes to the treatment of dandruff and what may have hit the head before, while watercress prevents hair loss like garlic, which prevents hair loss because of its allicin sulfuric compound, in addition to containing many vitamins such as vitamin B complex.

Recipe arugula and garlic


Garlic oil.

Olive oil.

Pack of watercress.

Method of use

The package of watercress is washed well until the water produced by washing it is completely pure and then it is thoroughly grinded with an electric mixer, then add both olive oil and garlic oil and leave the mixture for two days to be brewed, then we take the right amount of it and put it on the hair with care to massage the scalp and then

Recipe for watercress, castor oil and garlic


A head of mashed garlic.

A tablespoon of castor oil.

Medium-sized package of watercress.

Two tablespoons of decoction of green mint.

Method of preparation

Is grind all the above materials together to share on a coherent mix, then apply to hair so you cover it fully, then massage the scalp well until the mixture scalp completely and leave for forty five minutes, and afterwards wash the hair with water and shampoo which helps in stopping hair loss.