Water therapy, water is life

Water therapy, water is life





Water makes up about two-thirds of the Earth’s surface, and this also applies to the human body, which God created from the dirt and said to him, “Be,” and so it was, as water represents about two-thirds of a person’s weight, and water enters the structure of all cells, and is necessary for their life and survival, and God Almighty spoke the truth when He He said: “And We made from water every living thing.”


Water is necessary for treatment just as it is necessary for life, and therefore it is used to treat many diseases and health problems. These uses have been known since ancient times, and still are until now, with some recent additions and discoveries.



Therapeutic uses of water:


• Water is used to treat fever, and this is done by placing cold water compresses on the forehead and head of the feverish person, or taking a shower when the fever increases, and this is also done by drinking more water to compensate for the loss due to the evaporation of water through the skin due to the high temperature.

• It was reported from the Messenger, may God bless him and grant him peace, that he was encouraged to drink Zamzam water and that when he drank it for his sake, it was a delicacy and a cure for sickness.

• Water is used to treat dehydration resulting from fluid loss due to vomiting or diarrhea. This is done orally in simple cases, or intravenously in severe cases.

• Hot, moist compresses are used to treat joint and muscle pain, and cold compresses or ice are also used for the same purpose.

• Water therapy is used to relieve pain and rehabilitate patients with severe pain and stiffness in the joints, or after nerve strokes. This is done in pools similar to swimming pools filled with warm water, and local vibrations and water waves are sometimes used to help relieve pain.

• Water is used to purify the body of impurities and toxins in alternative medicine, by abstaining from food for a certain period of time, after which the patient drinks a certain amount of water, and enemas are given to him to wash and clean the intestines.

• Water is useful in purifying the skin and keeping it youthful. This is done by washing the face a few times every day, and this is what Muslims do every day during ablution.

• Water is used to lose weight, and this is done by drinking water before a meal to feel full, and drinking when you feel the desire to eat between meals or when you want to drink sweetened or unnatural drinks such as stimulants or soft drinks.

• Humidifiers are used to humidify the air with water vapor to relieve dryness in the skin, eyes, and mucous membranes.

• Sitting baths are used to treat wounds in the pelvic area, such as hemorrhoids and anal fistulas, after surgeries in the anal area, and after childbirth.

• Cold water is used to relieve allergy symptoms, by washing the face and eyes due to eye and nose sensitivity, or bathing with cold water to relieve skin allergies and urticaria.

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