Eat fish to avoid these diseases

Fish helps you stop smoking, according to the latest studies. It protects you from angina and heart disease. It improves your memory and keeps the specter of Alzheimer’s away from you as you get older. It also relieves the pain of rheumatism patients with its anti-inflammatory effect. It is recommended for pregnant women in order to prevent miscarriage and improve cognitive abilities. and intelligence for their children.


The reason for this magical effect of fish, which most studies agree on, is that it contains “omega-3”, which is what made modern medical recommendations recommend eating at least two pieces of fish per week, in addition to the recommendations that advise not to limit yourself to meals and to take “omega-3” as nutritional supplements. It is available in markets and pharmacies, especially in special cases such as adults who have previously suffered heart attacks, or children who suffer from attention deficit and poor educational attainment.


Previous studies have proven that pregnant women’s intake of Omega-3 protects them from depression during pregnancy, and it also improves their children’s intelligence and their cognitive and mental abilities in IQ tests. Also, children’s intake of Omega-3 during their first school years improves of their educational attainment, and this effect appears particularly clear in children who suffer from poor concentration.


Omega-3 reduces cholesterol levels in the blood, protects against high blood pressure, prevents inflammation in the arteries, improves blood flow, and prevents clotting in the arteries. Some studies indicate that it may have a role in regularizing the heartbeat, which makes it a magic recipe. For heart patients in particular, recommendations state that patients should take “omega-3” in the form of nutritional supplements, in addition to eating a lot of fish and seafood.


The latest studies published this year in the journal Neurology indicate the role of “omega-3” in increasing the size of the area responsible for memory in the brain, which is consistent with the results of dozens of studies that have previously proven that people who eat a lot of fish are less likely to develop dementia, Alzheimer’s, and other diseases. Diseases of aging.


As for patients with rheumatism – rheumatoid arthritis – and joint pain, it appears, according to studies, that fish has a major role in reducing joint swelling and pain. A study conducted on 32,000 women found that women who eat fish at least once a week are less likely to suffer from rheumatism by a percentage. Half.

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