Watch out: harmful ingredients in skin care products

When buying any skin product, make sure that the product is free of harmful ingredients in skin care products! Women today strive to do their best to delay the appearance of the effects of aging   with many skin care products. There are many products that you can choose from: however, you may find some products that are harmful to the skin. Unfortunately, these products do more harm than good. This is because many of them contain ineffective and unsafe ingredients and some hidden dangers.

Beware: harmful ingredients in skin care products

Misconception about rubbing the face:

The idea behind the facial scrub is to deep clean the skin. You may need to scrub the skin to get rid of dead cells. However, there are many abrasive products that contain coarse particles, such as apricots and walnuts, that do not clean the skin. On the contrary, it works to leave small holes in the face and you may not see these openings with your eyes, but it works to enter the bacteria, and it may result in redness, inflammation and freckles. Many may suffer from acne or sensitive skin problems, and are actually victims of unhealthy scrubs.

Components that affect age:

Many creams and lotions needed to exfoliate the skin contain emulsions. And emulsifiers are soap-based materials. It absorbs the water and oils in the skin and therefore does not take care of your skin. It also leaves soap residues, which damages the natural protective layer of your skin, which leads to dryness of the skin. Which leads to the skin losing its freshness and looking older. Emulsifiers include polysorbate, stearate, stearate, cetearyl and steareth.

Cancer concerns:

There are some ingredients in products that extend the life of the skin, such as methylparanin, propyl, butyl, and ethylparanin, which can also pose a risk to your health. Doctors said that Paranin works to cause an imbalance in the hormonal system. An element of paranin was found in samples of breast cancer. This prompted scientists to conclude that paranin may cause breast cancer.

It also has other harmful consequences. There are some of the more dangerous components such as 1-4 dioxane, which causes cancer. You may not find dioxane listed under skin care ingredients, but you can search for these words – polyethylene – polyethylene and glycol – and polyoxyethylene.

And any word that ends in oxynol or eth, such as teeter.

Safe products for your beauty:

You must use products that are safe and not harmful to your skin, as well as of high quality, and that do not contain emulsifiers, rough ingredients or paranin.

But you should use products that nourish your skin and make it look younger and brighter, meaning that they fight aging

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