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Vitamin C. What do you know about this magical ingredient and its benefits for the skin? - Care Beauty

Vitamin C. What do you know about this magical ingredient and its benefits for the skin?


Vitamin C plays an important role in rebuilding the skin and preserving the connective tissue in the body, because it contains antioxidants, which work to renew skin cells, and the sources of vitamin C are abundant in vegetables and fruits, so it is important to make sure to take it to supply the body with this magic vitamin.

Vitamin C benefits for skin:

Among the most prominent benefits of vitamin C for skin are reducing the appearance of wrinkles and delaying skin aging, and these benefits can be obtained by eating the vegetables and fruits that contain it, or by using a serum containing vitamin C, as it can be applied on the face and neck on a daily basis.

Vitamin C works to protect the skin from pigmentation, and the formation of dark spots, and it also fights freckles, and gives the skin a younger appearance, and vitamin C contains elastin, a type of protein that is located in connective tissues, which helps the skin to return to its original position when exposed. For accidental damage or alteration, maintaining thickening of the skin and retaining its moisture.

Other benefits of vitamin C include protection from sunlight, skin cancer, and protection from ultraviolet rays. Scientists have found that increasing the proportion of vitamin C in sunscreens increases their effectiveness, their ability to regenerate cells and their endurance.

Among the other hidden benefits of vitamin C is its aid in wound healing.

Vitamin C sources:

The sources of vitamin C are varied, including:

Citrus fruits of all kinds

the strawberry





Green and red peppers


sweet potato

Tomatoes and their juice.