Vitamin B5 is the solution to cholesterol

Researchers have confirmed the effectiveness of “pantethine”, a form of vitamin B5 also known as “pantothenic acid”, in a number of North American residents who suffer from high blood cholesterol, as a cardiologist at the American Princeton Logistics Center, Dr. John Remberger, indicated that Statin drugs that treat cholesterol are effective, but they are not suitable for all people, and about 15% of users of these drugs suffer from side effects that include:


– Headache.

– Dizziness.

– Muscle ache.

– Tired.


Studies have shown that vitamin B5 represented by “pantethine” rarely causes side effects to its users. The study, which included more than 120 people, showed that those taking “pantethine” experienced a significant decrease in kidney cholesterol by up to 3% and a decrease in harmful “LDL” cholesterol. “by 4%.


Vitamin B5 works to inhibit the enzyme that the body uses to manufacture cholesterol. It helps in reducing body fatigue and sets the entire body’s metabolic activities on the right track.

This means that this vitamin is able to increase the endurance of the human body to perform various tasks in an effective and healthy way. The most important sources of vitamin B5 include:

– Mushrooms,


– cabbage,

– Legumes,

– green cabbage,

– salmon.

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