9 Things to Easily Get Rid of Foot Calluses

Callus is a skin disease that occurs roughly in the hands and feet. The main cause of calluses that appear on the hands or feet is friction. Not wearing inappropriate shoes, socks, or wearing uncomfortable shoes for a long time also increases friction and pressure on the feet. As a result, it is quite normal to form calluses on the feet! Although calluses are often harmless, they can become infected in cases where they are not treated and can lead to more serious health problems! Therefore, it is necessary to urgently see a doctor, especially for calluses that cause a lot of pain. However, those with chronic diseases such as diabetes should urgently consult a doctor when they encounter calluses. But in simpler cases it is possible to treat calluses on the feet at home! Moreover, there are quite easy methods of treating calluses at home! Here are 9 things that can help you get rid of calluses easily…


1. Aspirin


crush 5-6 pieces of aspirin and turn them into powder. Then mix powdered aspirin with lemon water. Rub the paste you have obtained in the area with calluses on your feet. Wrap the area with a warm towel. Scrape the callus on your foot with a pumice stone after about 10 minutes! However, if you have a chronic condition or an allergy to aspirin, do not try this method…


2. Baking powder


Mix the baking soda with water and make it into a paste, just like aspirin. Apply the paste you have obtained regularly to the how-to area. Thus, you will get rid of calluses on your feet.


3. Chamomile tea


Chamomile tea is a pretty good antioxidant. Therefore, it is very useful for the body. It is also an effective tranquilizer. But did you know that this miracle tea is also used to treat calluses? All you need to do is dip your feet in it after the chamomile tea you pour into a bucket has cooled down enough. Adding some tea tree oil to your chamomile tea is also very beneficial in the fight against calluses! If you do not want to dip your feet in chamomile tea, you can apply it to the affected area with the help of a towel or cloth…


4. Corn starch

It is possible to get rid of calluses easily with the methods you will apply in your home. But for that, your feet need to be dry. Rub the corn starch with the corn starch. This way, you will prevent the corns from becoming irritated and possible infections. In addition, this method will reduce the pain caused by calluses.

5. Vinegar

Soak a cotton ball in the vinegar. Then tape the vinegar cotton on the corn! Do not remove cotton for 24 hours! Next, rub the callus area with pumice stone. However, you should make sure that the vinegar cotton only corresponds to the corn.


6. Pineapple


Pineapple helps to soften or even remove calluses thanks to the enzymes it contains. For this reason, putting a piece of fresh pineapple peel on the corn can help get rid of calluses. Of course, you should fix the pineapple peel on the callus. Applying this method once a week, regularly, will help get rid of calluses.


7. Aleo vera


Another thing that will help you get rid of foot calluses is the aleo vera plant. For this, you can use the leaf of the plant. Rub the gel on the fleshy part of the plant and cover it with a bandage. Nasser will soften enough to be ceremoniously after a while.


8. Fats containing vitamin E or A

Because both of these vitamins are very beneficial for your skin! You can also use oils containing these vitamins directly on the callus. Apply this method, especially before going to sleep, and continue until the callus heals.


9. Special creams


Creams that help remove dead cells in the skin and accelerate new cell formation are also highly effective for callus treatment. Besides these, skin-softening creams or vaseline are also important elements of callus treatment. When you apply these creams to the area, wear a sock!



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