We all read about that there is vaccine againts Covid 19.

Somebody would say that is great and we are finaly saved.

Are we really? Thing that “bugs” me really much is that vacine

was fast created and maked, and also approved.  That was way

too short time to create and make, and especcialy give green

light to something that important as that vaccine. You know

that is not something benign, this are serious stuff. It is very

important that everything was checked not just one time

because se could not know how somebody can react on

content that is inside. Every human organism is different, and

something can and can not accept. That can not accept is big

issue. Goal is to help people and not to make them more ill. 

There were times in our history  when there was need to make

good cure so all mase get immunised. And in most casses

happened that companies ho made that medicine did mistake.

That mistake was not small mistake, their mistake turn people

into handicapped persons, because something was wrongly

done from the begining. That is main issue when farmaceut,

scientists and goverment try to convience people that

something is needed even before it was properly tested. I know 

that all of them want to be nation saviours, but what is price of

nation saving. I dont think that is moral to save nation by

sacrifice life of many people just so you could know that

something is good or bad. Nobody has that right to put

themself in position of God to decide ho will or ho will not live,

especially not in the name of science. In the name of science 

everyone has obligation to do everything to do it on safe so

there are no problems nor human victims. Science do not say,

secrifice just to see how something will work. This is not law of

science. Safety and human lives are always, and in every time

number one priority. Preserving of life is obligation that

everyone should take for something serious. Marketing position

and position on stock market are relative therms. They should

be on the most lowest level of company priorities. Also do not

forget that nobody has rights to force you to take that medicine

if you do not want to take it. Never forget about your rights.

One of the most based and important rights says that you can

ask and seek for every information about that vaccine. This is

important so you can know, what are you gaming and how it

gonna effects you. That effect is very important. Also there are

information that this needs to be stored on proper cooled place

and that you need to take 2 shots so it can take effect on

immune system. This all is very “wird” and there are so many

questions without answers nor instructions. Its time that dose

ho decide ask themselfs properly, what are they doing and is it


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