Useful foods for sensitive skin


Skin allergy is a common problem but it is not a medical diagnosis in itself, where the term refers to the skin most susceptible to infections or adverse reactions generally towards certain chemicals or perfumes and other products until they result in a rash or irritation of the skin and itching, and in many cases the symptoms of skin allergy are not visible and hidden There are some factors that help to exacerbate them such as certain medications, fruits that cause allergies, perfumes and other various substances.


Causes of skin allergy

Dry skin

The skin becomes dry when it loses a lot of water and oils, which causes the feeling of itching, crusts and roughness of the skin texture and in some cases the skin reaches bleeding and becomes red color and causes skin sensitivity, and dry skin occurs anywhere in the body but it is common in the hands and feet, dry skin can be


Eczema affects the ability of the skin to protect against irritants such as germs in the air or chemicals in detergents, it may make the skin more sensitive to certain products such as soap and various cosmetics, the symptoms of eczema vary from person to person and include dry skin, itching, some red spots, swelling and cracking of the skin, and sometimes over-the-counter moisturizing creams are sufficient to relieve symptoms unless the symptoms are severe, besides anti-itch creams, and a bath of cold oats can soothe inflamed skin.

Allergic contact dermatitis

It is one of the least common skin infections, and occurs as a result of an allergic skin reaction to a particular substance, its symptoms include redness of the skin, itching and swelling caused by certain types of soap, cosmetics, plants, perfumes and cosmetics made of certain substances, antihistamines work to relieve itching and inflammation and are in the form of tablets and creams.


It is a common skin disease that affects the face, the initial symptoms of which include redness of the face, it causes severe allergic reactions, some products may cause burning immediately on the skin, while other symptoms include redness of the ears, chest or back, the appearance of some small bumps and visible blood vessels

The right skin routine for rosacea includes some treatments that reduce facial redness, such as mirvaso gel, which constricts blood vessels, as well as moisturizers and oils used to protect the skin from irritation.

Seam urticaria (hives)

Urticaria caused by direct skin contact with an irritant causes a reverse reaction known as contact urticaria and its symptoms include some bruising, numbness, cracking, swelling, redness, and this results from skin contact with certain plants, perfumes and raw foods but the symptoms can go away within 24 hours on their own, while the symptoms can continue for a long time can be used oral antihistamines, steroid creams


Photosensitizing skin is an abnormal skin reaction when exposed to the sun, as UV rays can stimulate the immune system resulting in rashes or blisters and crusts, but there are some products that can be used to protect against this disease such as sunscreen creams with a protection factor of 30 or higher such as Neutrogena SPF 60+, and aloe vera soothes sunburn-affected skin.

Cutaneous mastocytosis

Is the state to accumulate a lot of mast cells on the skin where they produce chemicals that cause swelling of the skin and patches on the arms, legs and neck, and usually these symptoms do not appear until after the use of an irritant such as perfume or some cosmetics, or temperature changes and certain medications, treatment includes most of the cases, antihistamines and steroid ointments and creams. 

Useful eaters for the treatment of skin allergies

Excessive skin sensitivity can lead to blisters, inflamed bumps and weakness in the capillaries and can also cause intolerance to certain types of food, but there are also some foods that are forbidden for allergy sufferers there are also anti-inflammatory foods to soothe irritated skin, including :

Asparagus plant

Need asparagus vehicle anti-inflammatory called saponins as it passes undigested to the large intestine Vader bacteria associated with the absorption of nutrients and reduces the risk of allergies،

Red onion

It is an excellent source of the antioxidant quercetin and is said to inhibit the secretion of histamine that causes the appearance of allergies.


Tomato fruit contains antioxidants such as quercetin to soothe the skin, lycopene and rutin to protect and strengthen blood vessels, so it is recommended to eat up to 7 fruits of tomatoes per day.


It is a plant rich in antioxidants that help stop the excessive immune system interaction with allergy-related substances, and broccoli also works to reduce the risk of infections.


Buckwheat is a good cereal alternative for those who are allergic to wheat or other gluten grains, and it also contains the antioxidant rutin that helps strengthen the walls of blood vessels.


Blueberry fruit contains little sugar, yet it is full of antioxidants that protect against skin and blood vessel allergies.


Pepper includes 30 types of carotene and flavonoids, as well as a sulfur element that supports collagen.


Avocado contains healthy monounsaturated fats that allow 2-6 times more carotenoids to be absorbed as well as vitamin B to help soothe the skin.

Green tea

Housed in its content, the highest percentage of antioxidants including antioxidants that support collagen and elastin.


30 grams of cocoa contains 314% of the daily iron needs, and also the sulfur element that supports the production of collagen.

Treatment of skin allergy

When your skin is sensitive and you may feel that everything is annoying, moisturizers can be used continuously alongside antihistamines but with some lifestyle changes to notice a noticeable improvement:

Showering for 5 to 10 minutes with warm water

Avoid astringents and strong exfoliators for the skin

Use a gentle, fragrance-free soap

Use essential oils instead of perfume

Use of organic cleaning agents

Dry the body gently after a shower instead of rubbing and use the moisturizer immediately

Test new products on a small area of skin

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