Use blush in different ways to hide facial imperfections

Many girls suffer from some minor defects in the face, but they are nonetheless

She loses her self-confidence, such as the size or length of the nose, or the size of the bangs

concave”, or the length of the chin or the exaggerated prominence of the cheeks.

“Solutions are like this




Minor defects that do not require surgical interventions are represented in the tools

cosmetics, especially blush, because of its effectiveness in concealing such imperfections

In harmony with the rest of the makeup elements.


And she adds, “For the large size of the nose, we can put Rojago in a dark color on either side

The nose, so that the middle bone of the nose appears, and the same thing in relation to its length can be

He also put a dark “rojaju” on the frontal area of ​​the nose.


As for hiding the concave fringe, it is preferable to apply a color of rojago that is relatively different from the rest.

It is preferable that its degree tend to be brown in order for the bangs to appear less than their natural size.

The same step can be repeated with the long chin.


While it is recommended to put it on the cheekbones intensively on the cheeks in case they are exaggerated.

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