Unexpected foods hinder weight loss


Are you trying to lose weight but you are not succeeding at that? The foods you eat may be the reason! Find out the most important foods that hinder weight loss.

You may be surprised to discover that certain healthy foods that you want to eat all the time or foods that are known to be healthy are hindering all your weight loss efforts.

Therefore, you must return your information about the foods that suit you while following a diet to go in the right direction to lose weight.

1- Non-fat dairy

Many steer clear of yogurt and full or semi-skimmed milk, and believe that skimmed milk is ideal for dieting and does not contribute to weight gain.

In fact, yogurt or nonfat milk can cause weight gain, because it is not as saturated as whole milk, and thus increases hunger.

Also, some companies supply skim milk with sugar to sweeten it until the flavor is improved.

Skimmed milk provides the body with fewer nutrients than others, as whole milk is an essential source of fat-soluble vitamins, and includes vitamins A, D, E, and K, in addition to calcium and phosphorous.

These vitamins need fats to enter the body and absorb them, and thus fat removal is difficult to absorb these vitamins.

Also, dairy is generally acidic, whether full-fat or fat-free, and these acids contribute to the difficulty of losing weight.

2- All kinds of flour

Many people think that whole wheat bread is the best during dieting, and it is considered the healthiest type that helps in losing weight.

And although a limited intake of whole wheat may be appropriate during the diet at first, continuing to eat wheat products “specifically gluten” can hinder weight loss because you will not feel full.

Whole wheat also causes the accumulation of fat in the abdomen, and it also leads to a decrease in energy levels in the body, and thus a lack of movement, which is important for weight loss.

3- Products written on “low fat”

People who follow diets resort to buying “low-fat” products, which is another trick that some companies resort to, because they replace the taste with other elements, often sugar or sodium.

Refined sugar is an acidic ingredient like dairy, which encourages the body to hold onto the extra weight.

Also, foods that contain sodium and extra salt can cause bloating and make you feel heavier, and also contribute to weight gain.

4- Green salad

Before eating the salad, you must make sure of its ingredients, and that it contains fresh vegetables, and is devoid of any fats, oils, sauces or extra salts, and this is what often happens in ready-made salad dishes in restaurants.

Where restaurants store salads for long periods, which lose their nutritional value, and until they become good flavor, some other elements that hide the old taste, such as grated cheese or toasted bread, are added to them.

A colorful salad with fresh and homemade vegetables is the most beneficial and helps in losing weight.

5- Dried fruits

Some types of dried fruit contain amounts of hidden sugar, and therefore are not suitable for those who follow a diet.

But this does not mean that all dried fruits contain sugar, there are healthy and sugar-free types, and this can be known by reviewing the ingredients listed on the package.

The best is to eat fresh fruits, away from dried ones, to ensure you are getting their full health benefits.

However, you should stay away from types of fruits that increase weight, such as dates, mangoes, grapes, and a lot of fruits suitable for the diet, such as guava, oranges, and apples.

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