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Turmeric mask to lighten the skin - Care Beauty

Turmeric mask to lighten the skin


Thousands of women nowadays suffer from many problems related to darkening of the skin and the spread of pigmentations and dark spots in it, without reaching a solution that eliminates this problem from its roots, while turmeric is unique in a unique way that reduces the production of melanin pigment that darkens the face, so the search for Turmeric mask to lighten the skin and its various methods, so we made sure to offer you the turmeric mask to lighten the skin in freshness.

Turmeric mask to lighten the skin

If you are a woman who does not prefer to use ready-made chemical recipes available in pharmacies, he is tired of the exorbitant costs that you pay for obtaining a formula to lighten her skin, here in this topic we will present to you the best and most important mask to lighten the skin.

First: Lemon and turmeric mask

When turmeric and lemon meet in one mixture, you are in front of 100% natural ingredients that have the ability to whiten and lighten your face 3 times more than its natural color, and in a short period, turmeric and lemon work to reduce the effects and damage of oily skin from acne and dark spots .

the ingredients

Two tablespoons of lemon juice.

A tablespoon of turmeric powder, but not full.

How to use

Put the mixture in a small bowl, making sure to mix it completely and dissolve the turmeric.

Distribute it all over your face and leave it for a period of 15 to 20 minutes, then wash it with warm water, and it is preferable to repeat the process more than once a week.

Second: turmeric mask with milk

Mask turmeric to lighten the skin mixed with milk, it contributes greatly to purifying and cleaning the skin completely and removing traces of dust from it, and it also eliminates the presence of pigmentation and dead skin on the skin, in addition to the benefits of turmeric that were previously mentioned at the beginning of the topic.

the ingredients

A small amount of milk, not a spoonful of milk.

Spoonful of turmeric.

How to use

Mix the amount of turmeric with milk until it becomes a soft paste.

Apply it on your face and massage it well in a circular motion, and leave it until it dries completely.

Wash it with warm water, and if you find the yellow color resulting from the presence of turmeric on the face for a long time, it is still on your skin, you can wipe your face with a wet cotton piece. Repeat the process more than once a week.

Third: Mask turmeric with honey to treat sunburn

Among the many benefits of turmeric for the skin of whatever kind, it helps eliminate the effects of sunburn in a very short period, if it is used with honey and milk, if you are looking between a turmeric mask to lighten the skin, and you want to lighten the skin in one day and at the lowest cost, then you have this ingredient Pure natural.

the ingredients

Half a small spoon of turmeric.

A small spoon of honey.

Well a spoonful of milk.

How to use

Put the three ingredients together in one bowl, and mix well until combined with each other.

Apply it on his skin and rub it in a circular motion while massaging the skin while distributing it.

Leave it on for between 10 – 15 minutes, then wash it with warm water well until you wipe off traces of turmeric from your face.

Also turmeric can be used with starch to add more beauty and radiance to the face and eliminate fine lines and aging on the face, by mixing the two ingredients together with a small amount of lemon juice, and to get effective results, you can heat these ingredients on a fire for a few seconds until it is warmed before Apply to skin.