The best cream to lighten brown skin


Usually the search for the best skin-whitening cream is medical, free from chemicals that may harm the skin, especially if the skin is damaged by pigmentation, pimples or black spots, and because these types of creams are multiple and different, and of course vary according to the type of skin and its nature, is it oily or Dry or mixed, we will offer you the best medicinal skin lightening cream in freshness.

The best medicated skin-lightening cream

We were keen in this topic to offer you a cream to lighten the skin and remove spots, by identifying the medicinal materials included in the cream formulation, and greatly help to lighten the skin and remove spots, pimples and pigmentations, to be in your hands and through this article, you will get to know the best medical skin-lightening cream, These creams usually contain the following medicinal materials:

Creams containing vitamin B3: The medicinal cream that contains vitamin B3 is an effective ingredient in lightening the skin and removing spots and pimples from the skin, as this vitamin contains several natural medicinal substances (niacinamide, mycinol, niacinamide), so these ingredients if they exist in any A medical whitening cream, it helps to whiten the skin and eliminate wrinkles, aging and other problems.

Creams consisting of “hydrogen peroxide”, the best medical skin-whitening cream, this component is usually included in its composition, it mainly contributes to lightening the skin three times more in a few days, and it also helps you eliminate acne permanently and works to cleanse the skin And purify it from any impurities, and usually those creams contain hydrogen peroxide, the percentage of which does not exceed 3%, in the case if the product is medical, if you are looking for a medical skin cream, and it has this substance, you must return to the doctor because it is found in other products By more than 90%.

Creams containing “hydroquinone”, this component when it is included in the composition of medical creams for lightening, it whitens the skin significantly and completely eliminate dead skin and skin pigmentation, whatever the causes of these spots and pigmentation, whether burns or the effects of aging, or as a result of taking some medications.

This medicinal substance is originally extracted from “benzene”, which helps to eliminate a substance called “melanin”, which mainly causes the formation of darkening and pigmentation on the skin.

There are some precautions and instructions that must be followed when searching for the best medicated skin-whitening cream, so if all that matters to you is to obtain clear, fresh skin that is permanently devoid of circles, pigmentations and pimples, be aware of the risks that you may be exposed to from over-applying these creams. And, according to what doctors and pharmacists have confirmed, there are some creams that they recommend that are completely safe, and free of harmful “mercury”. Of which :-

L’Oreal cream.

Olay cream for normal to dry skin.

Bioderma cream, which is the most important sunscreen, but it must be bought from specialized places and its price is recorded at 300 EGP.

Garnier cream that contains vitamin C, which contributes greatly to exfoliation and elimination of dead skin, and it also succeeds in removing dark spots and circles that surround the eyes, whether it is a cream or lotion.

Feed Out Cream that helps even out skin tone.

Nivea cream, this cream specifically, if compared to sun protection creams and lightening creams, is the cheapest among them.

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