Trend Small Touches in Aesthetics

In recent years, small and natural touches have become the new trend instead of major surgeries in plastic surgery operations. Aesthetic, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Specialist Op. Dr. Altuğhan Cahit Vural stated that the procedure called almond eye aesthetics is one of these trends.

Stating that the lower and upper eyelids are intervened for almond eye aesthetics, which can also be applied under local anesthesia, Dr. Vural said, “A number of different eye care products can be used for wrinkles around the eyes. However, these are products that must be used continuously. If long-term permanence is desired, aesthetics around the eyes will be the right choice.




Stating that the operation took approximately 30 minutes, Op. Dr. Vural gave the following information: “This operation takes approximately 30-60 minutes. The procedure is started by numbing the outer edges of the eye area with local anesthesia. The areas to be applied are marked with a pencil. In the operation, the corners of the eyes are moved upwards and any excess skin is removed. It is possible to talk to the patient during the application as it is performed with local anesthesia. He is awake, he just does not feel the treated areas. At the end of about 1 hour, the process ends and the treated areas are sutured with very thin suture material. It is planted aesthetically. After an average of 4 days, the stitches are removed and there are no scars.”




Stating that the patient was discharged on the same day and could go home, thanks to this operation that does not require hospitalization, Op. Dr. Vural said, “Low eye structure makes the person look more tired, unhappy and old. In this case, it affects the person socially and psychologically. After almond eye aesthetics, people’s eyes are more dynamic and they feel more comfortable socially and psychologically when communicating with the other party. Although almond eye aesthetics is an operation, the results are permanent.


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