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Treatment of gray hair with basil - Care Beauty

Treatment of gray hair with basil


Treatment of graying with basil

Basil: this plant is an important part of Indian culture. Its use is very common among Hindu families where it is worshiped in the morning and evening. The leaves of this plant are edible and used as a spice due to their fragrant aroma.

Being one of the most popular herbs in the garden, they are also widely used in Italy for the preparation of sauces and other dishes and is a staple in Mediterranean cuisine.

The Greek word for Basil means “King” which says a lot about the qualities of this aromatic plant. Basil plants, especially leaves, are of great importance to mankind, not only because of their culinary uses, but also because of their medicinal properties.

Has been used holy basil leaves are widely used in Ayurvedic medicine for thousands of years. This herb is mentioned even in” Charaka Samhita“, an ancient text of ” Ayurvedic ” thanks to its excellent healing properties.

In fact, the leaves of basil or tulsi leaves cure globally for many diseases and promote longevity and well-being. The uses of basil leaves are many divided into categories of Health, Skin and hair treatments, most notably gray hair treatment:

Benefits of basil:

The leaves of this miracle plant are a herbal remedy for many diseases and offer countless health benefits, here are some of them: 

Healing properties: due to its excellent healing properties, basil leaves strengthen the stomach and facilitate profuse sweating. It is effective in removing sputum from the bronchial tube. Basil leaves have antiseptic properties and therefore used in the treatment of sores, wounds.

They help reduce pain caused by measles, smallpox. A mixture of basil leaves and coconut oil can be applied to wounds for relief. 

Fever treatment: being rich in phytonutrients and healing oil, basil leaves are effective in treating fever. 

Treatment cold cough: basil leaves are effective in relieving coughs and colds.

Treatment of sore throat: mixtures made from basil leaves boiled in water can be taken as a drink or use gargling to relieve sore throat.

Stress relief: basil leaves are considered to help combat stress and relieve physical stress.

Cancer prevention: a mixture of 10 grams of basil juice to 20-30 grams of fresh curd or 2-3 tablespoons of honey can be a protective remedy against cancer.

Weight loss: the combination of basil and home curd helps reduce excess weight and fight laziness by replenishing your energy levels and facilitating new training of blood cells.

The benefits of basil for:

Basil leaves are just as beneficial for your body can help you get rid of many hair problems. The benefits of basil leaves for hair care are as follows:

Hair loss: hair loss is a common problem that can occur because of the itching and scalp. You can make a paste of basil leaves and add them to your hair oil.

The application of this oil on your scalp helps keep the scalp, reduce itching and promote hair growth by improving blood circulation in your scalp.