Treatment of back acne

Before knowing the treatment for back pimples, we must first know what types of back pimples are: –

There are two types of back acne:

1- Acne: It results from a hormonal imbalance, the nature of the food consumed, or an abundance of oily secretions. (How to treat acne)

2- The second cause is inflammation of the hair follicles: It results from hair removal from those places, high temperature, or germs inflaming the hair follicles.

We always advise you in the Health magazine to go to a specialist doctor if the condition is critical or if there are many pimples in the back, due to the large number of pimples present.

In the back due to fungi or hormonal imbalance.

Methods for treating back acne:-

1- If the back pimples are few, this is the best case. All you have to do is use a lotion that contains 10% alpha hydroxy.

After washing the back with lotion, do not use any towel or anything for drying, but leave it until it dries on its own. After washing the back and letting it dry, use a large amount of

Benzoyl peroxide, which is in the form of gel or cream, but it is always preferable to contain AHA

Other important methods used to treat back acne:-

1- Wash the back area or any of the areas that contain acne and leave it until it dries. After that, use Lotion to apply it to the back or any of the areas that contain acne.

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2- When you sweat a lot after exercising, you must get used to changing the clothes that you exercised in to other dry and clean clothes.

3- Wear loose, wide clothing, preferably cotton clothing, to reduce friction in the back so that the matter does not get worse, God forbid.

4- Every week, get into the habit of exfoliating your body once to get rid of dead skin cells and keep your body’s skin from getting clogged.

6- You must always consult a specialist doctor and do not use any medications until you consult a specialist doctor, because he is the most knowledgeable about your health condition and even

Does this medicine not affect anything else, God forbid?

5- Personal hygiene is the most important way to get rid of pimples, so you should always shower after coming from work or when sweating, and change your clothes with clean clothes.

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