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Treating bad breath

Treating bad breath


_Bad breath is a common phenomenon among many people resulting from food residue and tongue.


_ Some methods used to treat bad breath:


• Work on brushing your teeth more than once after eating.


• Pay attention to the cleanliness of the tongue, as it is an important place for bacteria to collect.


• Denture users must remove them before going to sleep and clean them well before using them again in the morning.


• Trying to get rid of the smoking habit, because it causes damage to the teeth and gums, leading to their inflammation and bad odor.


• It is recommended to drink plenty of fluids because they moisturize the mouth and rid the mouth of food residue.


• Alfalfa is known to rid the mouth of bad odor, so take 3 tablets daily after meals.


• Parsley contains a substance called chlorophyll, which protects the mouth from bad odors. • Rosemary: This plant treats bad breath because it contains very beneficial compounds that expel bad odor.


• Stay away from spicy foods as much as possible, as they harm the smell of the mouth.


• Vegetables and fruits leave residue stuck on the teeth, so you must work to clean your teeth after eating them. .


• Replace your toothbrush every month to prevent bacteria from multiplying on it.

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