Treating acne and black spots

Treating acne and black spots








The 20 best ways to get rid of blackheads and pimples at home at the lowest costs.




· Apply toothpaste to the pimple before bed. The paste helps reduce swelling. Do not use gel.


· Wash your face twice a day with warm salt water, to get rid of oily skin and keep the skin free of pimples.


· Place strawberry leaves on the acne to reduce swelling and irritation.


· Mix a lemon with a little rose water, put the mixture on the face for half an hour. Wash the face with warm water. The program continues for 15 days.


· Wipe the skin with the white inner lemon peel before washing it with water.


· Wash your face with fresh mint juice every night to get rid of pimples, acne, eczema, scabies and many other skin problems.


· Eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables.


· For chronic skin problems, crush two cloves of garlic and wipe the face with them.


· Crush orange peel with some water and put them on your face. One of the best home remedies.


· Clean the face with cotton moistened with rose water.


· Mix a spoonful of lemon and a spoonful of ground cinnamon and place it on the affected area.


· Use aloe vera juice twice a day. Aloe vera helps heal wounds and scars left by acne.


· Put the ice on the big and swollen pimples will be gone with the morning.


· Take vitamin B5 and zinc supplements to increase resistance to skin and acne.


· Mix mint juice with turmeric powder and apply it on the face for 30 minutes. It will clarify the face and add luster to it.


· Mix some vinegar and salt in a bowl, then put a little of it on your hands and rub the affected area. Or wet a small towel in the solution and place it on your face for 15 minutes.


· Mash the cucumber and make a paste from it, put it on your face and leave it for half an hour. It will rejuvenate and purify the skin.


· Mix corn flour with egg whites and leave it on your face for half an hour. Massage your face and it will become very soft with this mask regularly.


· Mix some nutmeg powder with milk and apply it on the affected area. And pimples will disappear like magic without effects.


· Mix 3 tablespoons of honey with a tablespoon of cinnamon and place it on the affected area before bed. Wash it in the morning, and the pimples will disappear completely after two weeks.

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