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Stomach acidity

Stomach acidity


the reasons


Increased acids secreted by the stomach

Eating food too quickly


Skipping meals and irregular meal times


It may be caused by colon acidity

Fatty food is certainly one of the most important reasons


Some sitting positions may cause acidity


Such as sitting in a way that the body is positioned



It puts pressure on the stomach, especially after eating



Sleeping immediately after eating fatty food


Eat plenty of spices and citrus fruits


Introducing food to food, or in clearer terms


Eat while your stomach is full

Symptoms and prevention


Bloating, a feeling of bloating, pain and burning in the stomach or esophagus


Acidity can be avoided by doing the following

Do not sleep immediately after eating, if necessary


Therefore, the stomach should not be filled

Do not drink water or liquids after eating half a meal


An hour to an hour and a half

Not eating between meals


Reduce drinking tea, coffee and soda


Reduce your intake of nuts as much as possible


Full of fat and irritates the colon

Playing sports

Treatment is psychological


Continue reading the Qur’an


Lots of supplication

Try to improve your relationships with others


The psychological tension does not last

Which may increase the acidity of the stomach


Important: Searching for the causes and avoiding them is the beginning of treatment


You must know that stomach acidity

It is a disease symptom and not a disease in itself


Therefore, you must know the reasons and if they are repeated



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