Tooth loss may affect heart health

Adults losing their teeth may lead to heart disease. In this study, researchers analyzed data from nearly 16,000 people from 39 countries who provided information on the number of teeth remaining in their mouths and the frequency of bleeding gums.



It turned out that approximately 40% of the participants were less than 15 years old, 16% did not have teeth at all, while 25% of the participants were suffering from frequent bleeding gums.



The researchers noticed that with every decrease in the number of teeth, there was an increase in the level of a harmful enzyme that increases inflammation and hardening of the arteries. The study also indicated that the fewer teeth a person has, the greater the number of other risk factors for heart disease, such as bad cholesterol, increased blood sugar, high blood pressure, and increased waist circumference. Also, people who suffer from significant tooth loss are mostly diabetic patients, with an increase in the risk of developing the disease by 11% with each loss of teeth.




Researchers also found that bleeding gums are associated with high levels of bad cholesterol and high blood pressure.

Researchers say that it is not yet clear why this relationship exists between tooth loss, gum health, and heart health.

Dr. Ola Vidin from the Department of Medical Sciences at Uppsala University in Sweden noted, “It is not yet clear whether dental problems cause coronary artery disease or not. There may be a common factor between the two diseases.



As for those who believe that there is a causal relationship between the two issues, they suggest several theories, including that permanent inflammation of the teeth and gums and the presence of bacteria in the blood due to tooth infection, the bacteria attack the coronary artery.

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