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Ideal steps for applying creams to facial skin

No matter how simple your steps in beauty are, there are rules that you must adhere to in order to achieve your goal of following them. Principles govern the application of skin care products in order to achieve their effectiveness. However, unfortunately, you may not know this, and you apply any cream on your face in a random way, while you must follow these steps carefully. Extreme!



1- Cleaning the face: It is necessary for you to know that the effectiveness of the lotion on your face can only be achieved on clean, dirt-free skin. Therefore, as a first step, make sure to clean your face well in order to allow the cream ingredients to penetrate into the pores of your skin.


Steps to clean skin with steam at home


2- Moist skin: When you wash your face, do not dry it too much, and leave it damp because facial creams never achieve their goal on dry skin. Its moisture, even as a result of water, helps the cream achieve its goal.


3- A small amount: Do not use too much cream, as it will not benefit you. What is most important is the equal amount that the skin absorbs, and too much of it gives you the appearance of oily skin, which you do not need.


4- Lathering method: Before you start distributing it on your facial skin, distribute the amount all over your face, that is, on the forehead, cheeks, nose, and chin, and then lather it. This simple step ensures that your skin gets an equal amount of cream.


The shelf life of your products…an issue you cannot ignore!


5- Soft hands: Because your fingertips are the means you resort to in order to apply the cream, make sure to have soft hands, because their roughness negatively affects the cream and your face at the same time.

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