Tooth abscess

Tooth abscess





A tooth abscess is a cyst of tissue infected with a microbial infection (a collection of pus) located in one of two places. An abscess of the tissue surrounding the teeth (gums) is formed when gum disease causes pockets to form between the gums and teeth, and then bacteria grow inside these pockets. As for a tooth abscess, it occurs when tooth decay progresses or the tooth breaks, allowing bacteria to invade the tooth nerve. This results in the death of the nerve and the spread of bacteria towards the nearby gum tissue and bone.


There are two types of dental abscesses, which are swellings of tissue infected with a microbial infection. In gingival abscesses (left), an abscess may form when bacteria grow between the gums and teeth. As for the dental abscess (to the right), it may be caused by a fracture in the tooth crown that allowed bacteria to enter the pulp and move down the root to form the abscess.



Tooth abscesses may cause pain or soreness and cause excruciating pain when closing the mouth

– Sensitivity of the tooth to heat

– Swelling of the cheek and face

– The lymph nodes below the jaw or the front of the neck may be swollen

– You may develop a fever due to a bacterial infection

– Foul odors and fluids in the mouth when the abscess ruptures




Neglecting to treat tooth abscesses and bacterial infections may lead to the infection spreading to other places in the head and neck, and becoming dangerous.


treatment :


Take aspirin, acetaminophen, or ibuprofen to treat the pain, rinse and gargle with warm salt water, and call your doctor immediately if you suspect you have a tooth abscess.


Abscesses of the tissue surrounding the teeth are treated by inserting a probe into the affected area to relieve pressure, then cleaning the infected pocket.


As for a tooth abscess, it is treated by making a hole in the tooth to relieve pressure and clean and disinfect the infected nerve. Then root canal root canal treatment is performed.

If the infection continues, it might need to remove the tooth . Because there is an infection, you may need to take antibiotics before either procedure.

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