Chewing gum is a solution for stomach acidity

Chewing gum is a solution for stomach acidity







Acidity is a phenomenon of intestinal malaise that occurs due to the stomach secreting an amount of fluid that contains caustic substances such as hydrochloric acid and some enzymes. Sometimes these acids seep into the esophagus and remain for long periods. When they remain for a long time, they cause stomach acidity. To prevent acidity, we can Follow the following instructions

Chew food well and distribute daily meals, dividing them into five snacks instead of three main meals

Avoid very hot and very cold dishes

Avoid spicy foods

Avoid fried foods


Try to refrain from eating right before bed

Rinse the esophagus and clean it of acid by drinking water after eating

As for chewing gum, or what is known as gum, we have become accustomed to it in our daily lives. Gum is not a major source or cause of tooth decay. Rather, it has positive effects. It is an auxiliary factor in treating the phenomenon of acidity, as it works to coat the esophagus with saliva and protect it from stomach acid. However, it is advised not to chew too much. chewing gum; Because it may cause gas and diarrhea

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