Tomato sauce and turmeric mask to treat dark circles

Women seek various ways to get rid of dark circles She is always bothered by the appearance of spots on her face and around her eyes. Because it makes her lose the luster and beauty of her skin, and spoils her appearance.
Many women resort to cosmetics to hide facial defects such as dark spots and dark circles

Although there are many natural ingredients and simple home mixtures

Which women can adopt, and we will give them a lemon mixture, which contains vitamin C.

It is known for its skin whitening properties, which guarantee you, ma’am, a radiant look free of spots and dark circles.

Mixture ingredients:
Lemon juice

How to prepare
Use a piece of cotton and put a little lemon juice on it

Then put it on the dark circles on the face for ten minutes, then wash it with water.

The second recipe
Two tablespoons of tomato sauce
A tablespoon of lemon juice
A little flour
Half a spoon of turmeric

How to prepare
Mix a tablespoon of lemon juice with two tablespoons of tomato sauce, a little flour and turmeric and make a paste

Then put it gently around your eyes and leave it for 10-15 minutes, then rinse it with water.


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