Marriage maintains healthy blood pressure

American researchers said that married life contributes to maintaining healthy blood pressure, especially in men.


Blood pressure begins at the lowest level in the morning and rises gradually during the day, then returns and decreases in the evening, in what is known as evening low blood pressure, which is important to ensure the body’s ability to control blood pressure.


The study, conducted by researchers from Harvard University and published in the journal Blood Pressure, stated that married people experience a greater evening drop in blood pressure than single people.


Researcher Finian McCausland said a lack of evening depression is commonly associated with cardiovascular disease.


The study followed the blood pressure of 325 adults over a period of two years. The participants had to follow a specific diet, and the scientists took into account economic and social circumstances, age and body mass index.


“Marriage may simply be a predictor of those having better health overall,” the researchers said, noting that having a partner may help manage stress levels and control blood pressure.

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