Tomato flu .. a new virus that affects children and these are its symptoms

A new virus raises concern in Asia, specifically in India, Kerala, after discovering cases of “tomato flu”, which causes red pimples to appear on the bodies of the infected, according to “INDIAEXPRESS”, and according to the statements of Dr. B. Aruna, the tomato flu It affects children under the age of 5.


Symptoms of tomato flu


“Aruna” reviewed the symptoms of “tomato flu”, which are, in order:

– Rashes, skin irritation and dryness.

Feeling of fatigue, joint pain and stomach cramps.

Nausea, vomiting and diarrhea.

High body temperature, sneezing, runny nose and cough.

Discoloration of the legs and hands in some cases.

Aruna indicated during his statements to “indiaexpress” that this disease is self-limited and its symptoms can disappear quickly if the necessary care is provided, and warned against the rapid spread of it from person to person, so he directed the need to adhere to isolation when infected with it, and advised children to avoid scratching pimples. caused by influenza, pay attention to hygiene and sterilize clothes and utensils.

For its part, “IndiaToday” clarified that the cause of the spread of tomato flu so far is not known, except for that, it is not a life-threatening disease, but it is contagious and there is no cure for its symptoms, but doctors deal with the disease with special care, and in turn, they advised the patients to drink plenty of fluids and adhere to Bed rest.

It is reported that tomato flu has infected more than 82 infants in Kerala since May 6.

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