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To treat dark armpits, here are these solutions - Care Beauty

To treat dark armpits, here are these solutions

The armpits are one of the most exposed places in the body to ventilation or light, which leads to sweating, which leads to the darkening of this area.


Deodorants and hair removal also lead to tanning.


Here are some remedies that will help you get rid of this problem:


1. Use lemon, lime, and other natural ingredients that whiten the skin and exfoliate dead cells. Mix a little lemon juice with honey and apply it under the armpits for 15 minutes, then wash the mixture. Repeat this treatment several times to get the best result.


2. Baking soda can also be used on the armpits to whiten them after taking a shower, for at least 10 minutes.


3. Mix lemon juice, cucumber juice, and turmeric to make a cohesive mixture, then apply it to the armpits for 20 minutes, then wash the area. This treatment is considered the most effective, as it whitens the armpits and gives them super softness.





4. Apple and grape juice can also be used to whiten the armpits, by applying the mixture for 20 minutes, before you wash.


5. Apply apple cider vinegar, which will break down dead cells and whiten this area. Use it daily for 15 minutes, and be careful not to use soap to wash it, but use water only.


6. Cut a potato or a cucumber into small pieces, then put the pieces one by one on the black spots, and rub gently to exfoliate the dead cells. For easy use, mix potato juice with cucumber juice.